Dame Dash Says He’s Proud Of Jay-Z

Dame Dash has kept a low profile these days, but a few weeks back, Sharon Carpenter caught up with him for Global Grind.

After discussing his businesses ventures, he says that he’s proud of Jay-Z (and Kanye West). When asked about he and Hov’s current personal relationship though, he’s reluctant to divulge. Only Dr. Phil can squash this!

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  • Real Talk

    This nigga uglyass hell, he look like Astro from x factor

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    I feel Dame, ego is a mothafucka, dude walked away from the Roc with $50 mill liquid & lost it all because of ego & pride. On a side note you gotta give Jay his props for seeing what was coming, he knew Dame was getting too big for his shoes so he quickly cut ties with the nigga & now he’s 3 times richer

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Undercover faggots stay exposing themselves in these comments

  • Obsessed with his age lmao, Dame know he miss the old days.

  • dave

    i had faith of a comeback for dame a few years ago when he was starting up that dd172 gallery and bluroc label with currensy and all them other guys.plus the fact he lost that fine piece of ass he had for a wife rachel roy.he definitly needs to stay behind the scene.

  • Mark

    Everybody would love to see these guys together again…. EVERYBODY

  • Mark

    #Troubleman 12/18/2012

  • michelle michelle

    motor oil?

  • Tbones

    Is he Dame Diddy, Dame Daddy or a Dame Dummy? LMAO

  • Blaxdon

    Don’t nobody wanna hear about your motor oil nyyyiggga!!!!

  • This nigga look distraught tho. Everybody makes Hov out to be the bad guy but you never know what really happened. He should really make another Hov tho. Harlem got some talent still

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Rocafella Records was a beast back in the day. Dame Dash should’ve played the background instead of being in front of the camera.

  • Black Shady

    whatever u say dame lol

  • Yall really dont know anything – Dame Dash will go down as one of the greatest CEO’s this game has ever seen. you’ll NEVER get another Dame EVER – he was all about his artist – so what he made mistakes, what man didn’t?! U niggaz perfect? Fuck yall? If there was no Dame, the world might not have know who the fuck Jay-Z is and this is coming from a die hard Hov fan. Rocafella forever nigga.

  • mike

    Dame should’ve stayed in food and beverage

  • KingJuggaNott

    Naah, Dame will go down as one of the Biggest Arrogant Assholes who Put his foot in his mouth and a Quarter in his own ass–You played yourself.

    “Muthafuggas saying they Made Hov–Made Hov say Okay SO…Make another Hov!!!”- Jay Z

    Like he said–he made a bunch of money so he cant be aggy. He just thought the shit would stop there. They say that Limitations begins where the Vision Ends…he thought that was the Tip of the iceberg. Oh how fucking wrong he was.

  • Clos1881

    I fuck with dame I respect him as a business man for him to be as broke as people say he is he’s still doing what he wants how he wants in any business you’re gonna take losses I think the thing people are disappointed about with him and jay is just seeing that unity was powerful. On another note Sharon carpenter is bad motherfucker.

  • LDN12

    Don’t like how Jay Z chose money over his bredren

  • Devante

    Word I though Dame had something going with DD172 dude had Curren$y, Ski Beatz, Smoke Dza and Vado

  • Niggas always trying to defend Dame but shit on Puffy. Yeah, if there wasn’t no Dame Jay may never have blown but the same could be said of Biggie, yet you niggas act like that would’ve just happened anyway somehow? This dude Dame was wild disrespectful, and that Karma is something he gon have to deal with, period.

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    Niggas is tripping hard in the comments here! Let’s begin with reality. Without Jay Z, what has the “great businessman” accomplished since? …………………………….
    Without Dame Dash, what has Jay Z been able to accomplish? EXACTLY!

    Dame Dash was a ghetto dude shooting his bit mouth off, he was a ring master, a carnival barker, yelling “IT’S THE ROC” doesn’t make you a “businessman”, it makes you a step above the people who hold “buy Jay Z’s album” in the cold streets.

    Dame Dummy thought he could make Jim Jones the next “Jay Z”. Ever see those stupid videos of Dame talking about Jim like he was heaven sent, while Jim was looking dirty (as always) and walking/smoking in slo-motion!!!?? What became of Jim Jones with Dame? NOTHING

    Jim Jones now holds his fat chick’s purse on VH 1
    GTFOH Dame Dummy

    @p0is0nedkoola twitter

  • Madison

    Dame needed Jay, Jay needed Dame, but Jay was the raw talent, and he also put up half the money to fund Rocafella records, where Dame had good management skills (with his artists, not his money lol) about 90% of the artists on the ROC came from Dame, but Jay-Z was always the biggest star ( Kanye also)

  • LuxuryRap

    “Lost One”