• JMillionaire


  • Cam

    Taylor Swift is the reason why K.Dot & Meek Mill didn’t have a number one album. Damn you Kanye.

  • Faded

    decent number i guess… no Kendrick doe!!!

  • thecool

    DAMN Taylor strikes again. Good album though

  • Hahalol

    You damn Kanye making Swift this big and Poor Meek Mill’s numbers are affected by by Sandy. Still good numbers. congrats

  • nick riveria

    lol his sales were not affected by the storm cmon son, and if they were, then they can cop it today or tomorrow or yesterday

  • RoeLuv

    Taylor Gang

  • Haseeb

    Wale first week-163k
    Meek first week- 167k
    Ross first week-215k
    Something’s wrong with this picture.

  • Kali

    congrats Meek

  • bylaw99

    Yeah he’s certainly signed to MMG, the only label I know that only range from 150k-225k first week then the 60% drop the next week. Whelp looks like Meek will end his sales at around 340K when its all said and done cause aint nobody running out to buy his disc after 30days of being out. IJS

  • tucq

    That Meek put 2gether a helluva album!

    Did ya’ll peep tracks 1 & 2 on this shit???? The intro and “in god we trust” is some of the HARDEST shit I’ve heard in a lonnnnnng time

  • caseyp

    they bought it but don’t mean they like it..shit was trash.

  • Ddude

    I downloaded it last week and the album’s average at best. Can’t say that I’ve listened to it all that much after the first day I got it. Meek’s one dimensional flows only really work on those trap style, dark, haunting Lex Luger style beats. Anything else then the flow just sounds out of place.

    The sales will fall off 2nd and 3rd week. But not bad in this day and age. I guess anything over 100k first week has to be consider a success for a debut album.

  • LikeJordan45

    That’s a FAR cry from “going plat in a week” like Meek claimed…solid numbers though. Didn’t like the album but I figured he’d move in the 150K range so this seems about right.

  • Crewz Control

    Kendrick Won … Hiii-Power Biiitch

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ all the negative comments many true artist that want to chase lingevity, they’ll tell you, as worded by the late Chris Lighty, and i paraphrase, it’s better to sell 10 million records over 10 years than to sell 10 million in one year.

    If any of you think Meek Mill is a fly by night MC, yes MC, you truly don’t m ow music. This guy’s hunger, perserverance is evident. Congrats Meek, don’t know you, but real cant be faked. #salute

  • Haseeb

    Kendrick definetly won. Don’t blame hurricane sandy for the poor record sales. That only affected New York primarily and most people buy albums off iTunes anyway.

  • Raf

    When will anyone from CTE release an album tho??? Ross won..congrats Meek

  • Ash Ketchum

    The album was OKAY,not good but OKAY…”In god we trust” was cool and “who your around” okay.

    Meek Mill is very one dimensional,He spits the same shit over and over.I’m suprised he put a album out.

  • Jungle

    Meek a rapping ass nigga he gon be good regardless he love what he do

  • brollya

    kendrick won, dem other niggaz fell off…… its a decent album tho but people aint lookin for that same flow, same trap beat, same cameos on every track, cant do a song by they self shit…. yea he get support but the people who supporting him aint go get the real cd, they go buy it from the bootleg dude or download it…… real hip hop heads go listen to it den go buy it if its worth it….. might as well keep the mixtapes goin

  • dave

    didnt buy meek mill whack album.but i deff copped taylor swift album its dope

  • Evil

    Taylor Swift sold twice as many albums in her 2nd week as Meek Mill did in his 1st week.
    I bet Meek will sell 40k next week,then 20k,10k,1000,500,250,130,70,30,10.He will never reach plat.

  • Batman

    No One Playing This Album Anyway!!! Everyone Still Playing That (Classic) Kendrick Album!!!!!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Congrats to Meek Mill.

  • dee

    niggas talking bout kendrick won wtf did he win? since when were they in competition? and if yall thinking like that then TAYLOR FUCKING SWIFT WON

  • JHP

    Damn you Kanye, Taylor Swift has kept rap artist from getting a #1 album two weeks in a row now. Meek Mill’s sales were probably affected by Hurricane Sandy no doubt, but not by that much. Even if there was no hurricane I’m sure it wouldn’t get any higher than about 180k, possibly 200k. These kind of numbers are what any hip-hop artist is gonna get nowadays unless his name are Kanye West, Jay-Z, Eminem, Drake, or Lil Wayne. Decent numbers, may eventually go gold who knows. (Kanye Shrug)

  • Word

    I gotta admit, Meek Mill impressed me with this album! Like really, although there are some horrid tracks (Young and Getting It, Polo and Shell Tops), he amazed me with Traumitized, Maybach Curtains, The Intro, Tony Story 2. WOW! Great album, Ross’ hand print and beat selection were evident on this album.

    If Meek didnt link up with Ross, I guarantee he’d be where Pill is right now. Obscurity.

  • Mark

    T.I. #Troubleman 12/18/2012

  • london

    the album was ok ..pretty good numbers and what the fuck?that swift bitch damn.

  • Numbers are too high for an album that bad.

  • the brain trust

    Traumatized, Amen, Lay It Up & Polo & Shell Tops.

    Everything else was awful. The intro people were raving about consisted of Meek saying a whole buncha nothing.

    Disposable album

  • yaysayer

    aw shucks, i expected a million. on a side note, tay sweezy is still selling nice numbers.

  • Bang

    #Troubleman gonna have the highest sales this year…Tip will definitely outsell 242k..not because he is the shit but coz he has a fan base

  • .

    Anybody who expected a milli was def on that ish…any and every type of ish ever concocted.

  • M.T

    Even though the subject matter of the album got repetitive after a while, there are alot of good standout tracks on this album. Overall it was a decent album. Congrats to Meek. Only nigga on MMG that I have some respect for. Also ‘Tony Story pt. 2″ and “Traumatized”>>>> Boi-1da on the beat!

  • Black Shady

    album was average. based on the quality of the music…..thats what he deserves to sell

  • Cz

    Meeks the only member of mmg I kinda respect. Heard a couple songs off the album and they were alright, nothing special. 167k nowadays is still pretty damn good, but he shoulda dropped it back when his mixtape came out and he was on everyone’s mind. I don’t get half of the moves dudes make in rap in regards to dropping albums/mixtapes.

    More people should do what slaughterhouse did and drop a mixtape a couple weeks before an album to get people’s attention….but just don’t blow it like slaughterhouse kinda did.

  • Scrilla

    shit was garbage!!!
    BFK >



  • Meek must be tight at this first week sales

  • 85

    for many Meek is just under the wrong imprint … 4 real.. I know them MMgroupies got a lot of steam and heavy marketing, but u down with the fatboy so I dont listen to you.. burn that brigde and we can start ours. it’s like that over here son