• 2 Condomz

    beats r dope, as for the rhymes……they dont call him jahlil rhymes, ill put it that way

  • it’s a good subject ! thanks for the post , if you wish tell us more next time about this topic . anyway thanks 🙂

  • Safe Dwade

    Hes rapping? NooOOooOoO

  • Do Better

    Dudes still an amateur. 0 songs start with a kick drum. Got bored. Also sick with this nigga rap. Fruity Loops huh? WorldStar rap

  • bornleader

    This mixtape better than all the people who commented about bullshit lives…………….I sometimes wonder the morons who comment..U have zero accomplishments..So u hate on others accomplishments? Tape is crazy…F*ck who is rapping on it..Go kill urself

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