New Music: Harry Fraud Ft. French Montana x Action Bronson “Mean”

Producer Harry Fraud reunites with French Montana and snags Action Bronson for the first single off his forthcoming EP. From a technical standpoint, French’s verse and chorus are mean on the ears. Proceed with caution.

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  • @gtfomike

    French has always been mean. Harry Fraud needs a few joints on Ems next album.

  • .

    Seriously? *facepalm*

  • fuck french

  • Ddude

    I can listen to some of French’s old Harry Fraud collabos… but I guess they didn’t get him the attention he wanted, they weren’t mainstream enough, and no-one cares about French unless he has a star(s) featuring like lil wayne/drake/ross etc.

    But this right here, is weak.

    I don’t think French is going to do a song on his own again… if he wants to remain popular that is.

  • MOneybags

    French has to be deaf , like on the really my nig

  • Tuna

    This sucks tremendous cock.

  • buking

    why this kid getting burn lately? beat sounds hella amateur…

  • shmoove

  • floridaboy

    damn tht beat raw wen u zooted but WTF FRENCH?!

  • jet_lifer

    action bronson the truth an fraud stay with the wavy beats

  • Chi

    French needs to shut the fuck up forever. At least Da Musica didnt waste a good beat on him.

  • onBlast

    French sounds like a wounded fkn dog howlin. Harry’s beats suck really bad. mad amateur & he fkd up mixing actions lyrics. mad offbeat cuz of his resampling. get real with this trash. WAKEUP MOTHERFUCKAS!!

  • onBlast

    French toast sounds like a wounded fuckin dog. Harry sacks beats are def mad amateur. he totally fucked up mixing actions lyrics. parts are way offbeat from his lame resampling. WAKEUP DUMB PPL THIS SHITS RUINING HIPHOP & RAP

  • Damn you were right proceed with caution… this shit is terrible

  • onBlast

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  • Duxicano

    All these haters coment on the track.. This shit is dope! Action brought it to life. Most ppl never lived that Hustle life so they don’t fuck with Frech.. but adk any real Hustla & Montana brings that Dope boy shit 4real.. RNS! Most these haters ain’t bout that life