Al Lindstrom Interviews Combat Jack

Ready for Combat? Well in his chat with Al, the online radio host discusses his come up, his most memorable lawyer stories with superstar rap clientele, the origins of his name and his PNC radio show. Tune in.

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  • Marko-V

    Yo I been listening to the show every night after work on Podcast for the last 2 weeks now. Byron Crawford put me on to the show through the blogs however the whole movement him and Dallas Penn had goin on (pause) with the lingo and topics just adds a new element to Hip Hop cause that show really highlights the age of the net and is perfect for any true Hip Hop head. Now they adding visuals to the show and its pretty clear to see the hype is building for the checks to come.
    P.S. fuck Rap Genius

  • Domjell

    Great show!

  • zeee

    this is a good dude right here. for real

  • Tbones

    Combat Jack is a damn good show for hip hip heads like me.

  • epinz

    Yall gotta read his old blogs… he got some of the craziest stories…