A$AP Rocky’s “Cockiness” In LA.

A$AP’s tour rolled into the Palladium a couple of weeks ago and he performed his remix for Rihanna who was in attendance. Above is a recap of the evening featuring Rih discussing how the record came about. In related news, A$AP’s just been tapped to open up her Diamonds tour beginning next March.

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  • carlito r

    What label is ASAP on??? Rumors has it that he’s on Deathrow Records.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Why none of these rappers hasn’t wifed Rihanna i’ll never know, the only reason she’s getting back with Chris is because niggas were too scared to get at her smh

  • No lie

    That nigga UGLY AF AND TRASH anyone can be famous

  • carlito r

    ^^^^ @ Your mother’s “friend”.

    I’m pretty sure rap n*ggas would rather just f*ck Rihanna then to wife her. Trust me when you get a little bit older you’ll understand that some of the prettiest chicks are the worse chicks to wife up and some of the average looking chicks are way more fit to be wifey.

  • Joe

    ^^@no lie yep yur right ugly ass nigga n trash

  • auntie murder

    hm wasn’t really feeling this performance.. btw didn’t see anybody in that line older than 19?