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  • LikeJordan45

    Another win for hip hop

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Yo i remember the MTV diary Nas did around the time Stillmatic came out & him telling his manager no to doing ads(i think it was a beer ad) because he wasn’t a sell out, life is ill

  • @Artise1

    Its so many of us that can’t do that or know how that feels. Nas and his father are blessed and that’s why we, as young fathers need to raise our sons and daughters like we should have been. It will stop the killings, early pregnancies and drug abuse. We need Strong Fathers for our children.

  • Shareef242

    He’s didn’t say anything about never doing ads. He said would never do any “alcohol” ads. Claimed they offered him 250k.

  • Tbones

    @Yourmothersfriend, he turned the ads down cos it was liquor and didnt want to promote for whatever reasons.

  • mike

    Steve stoute(spellcheck) still his manager? He always pulls of good cross promotions for Rappers.


    do your thing Nas, get that ad money fuck what they say.

  • Danny

    @Your mother’s “friend” he said he won’t do alcohol ads because he saw what it did to kids in the hood,,,,,who the target audience would of been? ‘kids in the hood’

  • Tbones

    @Mike, Stevie stopped being Nas’s manager for a while. Matter of fact Steve Stoute stopped fucking with the music industry after d Nas gig.

  • Shareef242

    Stoute aint directly managing but they seem to be still close. The way Def Jam promoted Life is Good has Stoute’s fingerprints all over it.

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  • Real Talk

    Nas’ manager name is Anthony Saleh…he is a very INTELLIGENT young man with the mind of a 60 year old investment banker. Nas & Anthony are involved in things beyond hip hop and that is why I laugh at those who speculate about Nas’ $$$$! Nasir Jones is NOT worried!

    This ad is a great representation for hip hop and a change from the usual liquor & champagn endorsements all of hip hop seems to be involved with. Nas has always been different from his peers. Keep “Bridging The Gap” Nasir & Olu Dara!

  • Tbones

    @Real Talk, cosignee, Nas, Anthony Saleh, GCode and d rest of the emagen management been handling their business like its supposed to while these no life having peeps keep counting their pockets as if they have achieved anything in their own lives. I guess for some strange reasons it makes em feel good about themselves.

  • That Guy

    Nas isn’t afraid to show sides of himself that other rappers are, even though Nas isn’t a rapper, he’s an MC. Respectable.

  • Kenny’s Dominos


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