• downsouth

    Thats was cool of 50!!!! GGGGGGG G UNIT!!!! LOL

  • belly

    damn most of the kids werent even born yet when he was relevant

  • 4567

    song flopped hard, 50 need a video A.S.A.P

  • JustMyOpinion

    this song is ANNOYING. I thought it would grow on me, but……..NOPE.

  • Lil Bitch

    Tony Yayo has a promising career as a frontman.

  • this is 50

    as much as wale and gunplay

  • BarackObamaJr

    The fact that Tony Yayo didn’t ruin the surprise says a lot

  • MikeB

    @ Belly….lol ….Yet, they still fuckin love him

    As they shud

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @JustMyOpinion. Go listen to some YMCMB music then. Nice ! Shout out to FIF, Yayo, Whoo Kid.

  • Some Rappers do this…album sale don’t matter, but visiting kids and trying to inspire is what music is all about..! way to go 50!

  • crysis

    that was very cool for fifty to do this for the kids. to see there like wholly shit and the smiles on there faces. that was very cool for him to do something these kids will never forget.

  • Akuma

    Haha whack as fif ain’t got nowhere else to perform