• Yeezus Christ


  • MJ

    Very dope track! Two thumbs.

  • K.i.


    I can fuck with this one. I always could see similarities in both of their deliveries. A$AP sounds a little like a slowed down Big Boi 2 me.

  • PWR
  • Trippin N SiPP3n

    A$AP & Big Boi make a Dope collab. Sounds like Lana Del Rey in the sample. I fuck with it.

  • Darkwing

    Don’t Get Nervous Ya Bitch Azz Niggaz !!!! Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors , Can’t Wait !!!!

  • floridaboy


  • M.T

    this was ok.

  • yeaaabuddy

    this was coo man… there’s been some good tracks these last few days… good shit

  • Nick

    this is real dope dont get it twisted ppl

  • Despite

    Different rappers need to jump on this… PLEASE DO THIS!

  • hh

    Big boi keeps pushing it forward another great track

  • tito lopez is legit


  • 85

    didnt like the girl in the song, cause it kinda change the tone of the song, but it could be just me .. anyway dope track

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