• Old verse.

  • K


  • tp

    how was he not the next dr. dre protege? he uncontestedly blows kendrick out of the water, he qould have created the buzz that aftermath was hoping for

  • Belize

    aye bruh…u gettin old to be rockin gimmicky contacts, no?

  • amityvilleev


  • ayo

    his incessant need to try to sound nasal and emulate eminem is the only thing that disgusts me. i like his wordplay and flow but he should learn to be himself

  • Real rap

    Funk volume gotta be the worst name for a crew ever….

  • Gibbs hoe

    @TP you are retarded. Hopsins gimmicky ass is not what Dre wanted…he tries to impersonate Eminem and those contacts man…WTF….hes nice lyrically and flow wise tho

  • PEEP


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