• look at how much of a fat fuck drugged out herb this guy became..i can’t respect someone hooo was doin all age shows, strt that lean/molly talk lol gtfoh

  • replace this post with rappers who have talent and deserve to be on this..

  • onenutned

    don’t understand the hype around this kid.

  • dorian thomas

    HMU.. i can put u On a Easy Home $$$$ job.. Real Shit. Wit Good benefits !!! Paid EveryWeek.. But u gotta Invest 40 [email protected]

  • #RealTalk

    Song is hot and different. Tried of all these trap beats & lame rappers. MAC MILLER DOES AND EXCELLENT JOB AT BEING DIFFERENT!

  • complexcontext

    i thought the visual was cool. haven’t heard much from Mac in a while that got me interested but that video was a cool recap of the hits on Blue Slide Park.

  • chan

    look at the hard work this guy has put in. a year after and still releases a visual for the album thats dope. rappers now a days drop their album and just forget about it. they drop 3 videos before the album and none after it drops. they dont push albums. they only care about first week sales. thats why we only care about first week sales. mac miller is dope rapper. and a dope artist.

  • Wac Miller

    it’s easy to spot a malcolm fan because everything is just so DOPE lol dude is a coke head with a teenage fanbase. the game doesnt need this shit.