Yelawolf Slumerican Tour Vlog Pt. 9

Yelawolf’s life on the road these days gets better and better. In the ninth episode, we catch the trek in Mil-a-wau-kee. Loitering outside and a Bieber concert? Fug-yeah!

Previously: Pt. 8

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  • Obama

    Holy shit this guy still didn’t retire?!

  • b69

    this is y i voted for romney

  • b69

    kiss my ass obama

  • Obama

    Unfortunately it’s also why Obama won. It’s call common sense. This dude flopped with the support of Eminem. You really think anyone can recover from that? I think it’s pretty clear that there’s no real market for whatever the hell this is.

  • b69

    i saw him in milwaukee and hes still amazing. im guessing u were there too but across the street for that faggot biebs. u obviously have terrible taste and cant see that hes really talented and original which is what this world needs.

  • Soonami

    Trunk Muzik Returnz