New Music: M1 x Nas “Genocide Highway”

To recognize civil rights activist Denmark Vesey, who was freed Nov. 9, 1799, dead prez’ M1 and Nas releases this cut with Beatnick & K-Salaam on the hook and production. Bump it and let freedom ring.


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  • T

    so many whack songs

  • Catalyst

    This is more like it! I thought Dred Prez were done after this recent wack album

  • Des

    Freed? He hit the lottery and bought his own freedom. Freed makes it sound like he was done a favor, or that his tormentors were his liberators. They buckled to make a buck.

  • T

    u like this song?

  • This shit is dope.Nice combo.IDK what yall talking about

  • Dave

    Fuck these nerd rappers.always rapping bout what they bout taking it back to rapping bout what you see?smh nerdass rappers

  • Hadme

    Lmfao @dave you are dumb calling someone a nerd for reading? smfh go read a book kid

  • fsl4lfe

    Nas easily one of the most over-rated rappers of all time.

  • Real Talk

    There are some very ignorant fans in hip hop…this genre needs hope for better fans. No wonder the artists after a while cater their music to a different audience.

  • zezzoi

    who posted the new ypy ? mad sus

  • CabriniGreeny

    Civil Rights Activist? Mr. Vesey lived and died long before the Civil Rights Era. RIP

  • forrealtho

    Good message, but waaaaay too much going on in this song; no dl

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    this shy is fire manG

  • IamRealTalk (GFID #2xPLATINUM – Rap Career Slow Up…Show Ya D!ck or Get a Reality Show) ( Undastand Meh? Understand Meh? If Bloggin Was a Category Id Win a Grammy ! )


  • Slick

    Did dead prez ghostwrite escos verse again?

  • Iran The Race

    Damn… this sounds sooo GOOD!


  • NICE

  • Kp

    Big homie are u gonna sing

  • Hadme

    @fsl4lfe kill yourself matter fact dont even listin to hip hop after saying that dumb ass comment smfh you seriously deserve you get bitch slapped for that fuckin idiot

  • @fsl4life How is Nas overrated. He is easily the best lyricist in the game! This song is not bad at all. Sounds better the second listen. I wish the verses were longer tho.

  • Black Shady

    Looking at the artists and the title…I was expecting something HUGE

    song is good, but was expecting something way bigger tho…


    @dave i know you not black you must be working for a white supremacy group or some with that supid ass remark the biggest gangster read fool punk ass


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