New Video: Chief Keef “Kobe”

Somewhere out in the City of Angels, the choppers are looking for Sosa. Just locate that nice Bentley and you’ll find him and his new video. Finally Rich on December 18.

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  • herohiro

    5000 sold first week

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    @herohiro no doubt

  • Ash Ketchum

    @herohino why would think his album would sell you dumbass….He doesn’t have a big enough following for that

    If you gonna hate at least make sense.

  • flo

    i think he can move atleast 30k

  • Oz

    kreayshawn 2.0

  • Slim Baller

    He has a big buzz but not big enough to pull a 2 Chainz type debut album sales.

    Regardless this is actually dope I like the production

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    This slaps tho

  • herohiro

    White people don’t know him and ….the white ones that do listen to hiphop listen to the real shit not this stuff that’s really shit

  • Ash Ketchum

    @herohiro what’s REAL HIP HOP?

    That has to be the most stupidest phrase in music history.There is a REAL version of the music and fake version of the music? Take yo ass to 2dopeboyz nigga.Go listen to a slaughterhouse album,18 tracks of how they are the illest MC on the planet fuckboy

  • this album is gonna be hard!

  • Real Talk likes Dick

    Anyone else think that Chief Keef is gonna single handedly retire Waka Flocka? He is all Flocka wishes he could be, which isn’t very much but definitely better

  • herohiro

    @dopefuse hard to sell more like
    @ash ketchum im the fuck boy but youre named after ash from pokemon…hes been friend zoned so many times …go fuck a pikachu and suck a bag of dick cunt face

  • onenutned

    interscope tax write off..calm down girls.

  • lmao ill continue saying this youngchop needs to b getting 75% of everything, this dude is tooo trash, beats r crazy, but “i think tht im kobe” makes up half the song..

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  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Jimmy Ivine and Interscope knew exactly what they were doing when then signed this retard. They don’t have to give nigga no type of budget for his garbage album. Chief Keef got a good relationship with Young Chop so his beats don’t cost much. His ratchet ass videos cost like $5. Without a doubt a tax write off.

  • Marko V

    Agree Young Chop has mastered the Drill sound and has gotten better with it however Chief Keef represents a generation. He looks like them and acts like them so his videos do numbers. And in this day and age of the e-grind he embodies the new 5th element of Hip-Hop so he’s guranteed to be a superstar. Maybe not this album but definitely soon. The media will focus on him like they did 50.

  • Fredo Santana

    This will be a Timeless Classic!

  • Ash Ketchum

    @herohiro Ash Ketchum was RAW as hell…He had pikachu and his trusty snapback.

    He also dreamed to be the very best that noone EVER WAS to catch them was his test.To train them was his cause and he also traveled across the land searching far and wide.

    That’s Determination for yo ass!!

  • “THESE BITCHES LOVE SOSA..O N DA NO EM’ FUCKIN WIT DEM GLO BOYZ…U GON GET FUCKED OVA..RARRIS N ROVAS” lmfaooo dude is gnna b another kreayshawn part 2

  • The Truth

    Chief Keef blew up while on house arrest in his room smh… Now his debut album will be in stores and he’s worldwide know. What the fuck have you fuck boys done with your life in the last 8 months?

  • herohiro

    @ash ketchum i see your point but i also say hes been 10 every season since 97 never got any pussy if anything chris hanson needs that song not ash

  • Dave

    Without young chop this guy ain’t shit.I thinks people are just really interested in chief keef because he’s a young fuckup ad they just wana be there when this training crashes.but your chop gonna be here long in the game.its better drill rappers than this guy like king Louie,that chick Sasha gohard rap better than him.but its his ignorance that draws people in

  • Dave

    Earlier today Chief Keef released a new video for his song “Kobe.” A few weeks back a preview of the visual, directed by Hi-Def, was dropped and also featured Lil Reese. Well when the full video was released today Reese was nowhere to be seen, and according to Hi-Def’s Twitter it is due to Interscope not wanting Reese in the video. This stems back to a recent video that showed Reese assaulting a young female.-complex

  • beaming

    @The Truth 100% Agreed.

    AND this actually ain’t bad its better than 90% of his other songs, and if u don’t get the Kobe reference then u prob an idiot.

  • Boredtodeath

    Yo Keef is a ” polarizing figure” as they say in sports. The nigga is like tebow, you know he not that good but it’s something about him that you just fuck with and he keep winnin. Niggas would be Lyin to say he don’t got some hits on the low. Whether its the beat, the hook, whatever, it be catchy as shit.

  • Catalyst

    Dec 18th, R.I.P Hip Hop… If Chief Keef keeps rappin, I hope that 2012 really is the last year..

  • Chief Keef isn’t a bad artist. He just needs artist development and media training. I think Interscope should wait maybe another year to drop his album. It is also better to be developed as an artist before you approach or sign to a label because labels don’t develop artists anymore.

    Chief Keef Wearing A $1,625 Moncler Hubert Jacket, Robin’s Jeans Cargo Pants & A Fendi Belt

  • 510 707 916

    I can’t watch this…his [email protected] are in my face….

  • zezzoi

    isnt this kid 16? wtf is he rapping about

  • BFAM

    There’s always haters man I mean if he trash to u don’t listen to his music but there’s ppl out there who like his shit but while y’all hatin he makin money! I fuck with Keef tho

  • herohiro

    he also had a shoot out with the cops and laughed at another young man for being killed….I hope in the last 8 months I dont some retarded ass race set backing bull shit like this incompetent NEGRO!!!!
    who he is and what he represents is no good for any society music wise or lifestyle wise

  • chilly

    im not a fan of this dude and i think most of his songs i heard are trash, but this record is actually decent and the beat is hard. i can hear a ny nigga on this. i wish this kid success. get money while you can. because there wont be much longevity with music like this.

  • chilly

    i hear jadakiss on the rmx



  • static

    think that he kobe? he cant even talk? wtf.

  • K.i.

    Im up in the Chi & from what I see daily, this motherfucker better do at least 120,000 first week. Not sayin’ Im a fan(though he do got some shit that hit), but that Chicago alone better carry him. Too many people fuck with him 2 fail. **And lowkey tho, Ash was bogus as hell 4 not takin Misty or none of them females down. I mean, dude ass went like across the world.

  • youngpledge

    chief keef is growing on me, i like this dude. He not lyrical but somehow I like his shit, which is weird for me.

  • Black Shady

    WTF is that noise poisoning??? fuck outta here

    Jimmy you a fool for signing him. Kanye got all yall execs fooled by remixing his song lololol

  • Rap Real

    Jimmy Iovine put an album called Rock N Roll Nigger. Google It and do the knowledge.

    With that said, how many videos has Chief Keef put out? How many females have you seen in all of them put together? This lil boy is a jail house homosexual. This shit isn’t good for the scene AT ALL. The music is bad, the image is bad, the message is worse.

    If rap is this fucking brainless and dumb ANYBODY can do it right? Fuck outta here with that shit.

  • the One

    I swear hip hop is for fags these days!

  • dfgergerg

    Keef has made some good songs. This isn’t one of them.

  • Santa

    Keef has really grown on me. He’s got a firm grasp of how to flow with a good melody

  • Joe Nasty


    are yall really fuckin with a 16 year-old punk ass kid?
    If i met a grown ass man that said he fux with Chief Keef music, I would laugh in his face.

    the people feeling this must either be lames or younger than 16 to be feeling this

  • barack obama

    He is gettin money that is the essential shit, Hate it Or Love It