RZA On Last Call With Carson Daly

Last night, the Abbot sat alongside Carson Daly to discuss how The Man With The Iron Fists came about, experiences directing, Kung Fu influences and more. Film in theaters now.

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  • A-live

    I saw this movie yesterday and I must say RZA did a great job on this. Don’t go in on some movie critic shit and try and watch this movie. Go, suspend disbelief and you will see RZA’s genious and art come to life. Storyline was dope. For me the movie picks up a little slow but once it gets going it’s none stop greatness. Jack Knife (Russell Crowe) is the man in this flick. This movie has all the martial arts elements. To me its a come of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, meets Legend of Kung Pow, Kill Bill, Blade and all those hot movies in one. Don’t sleep on this one.

  • sangano


  • Marko V

    Haven’t seen it yet cuz I been nervous about going. I mean, I love the Wu and everything they symbolize to the point of digging deeper into it on some religious zealot levels. I got the two books RZA wrote which were dope and I just don’t want the rep tarnished ya know. Critics haven’t been kind however I gotta go support it just cuz it’s Wu related.


  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    @Marko V
    The movie is really entertaining, predictable at times but still good. For being his 1st film, pretty impressive.

    Sidenote: Who watches this show?!

  • RZA is an interesting Dude. I gotta go see this.