50 Cent Returns To QVC

Damn you Curtis Jackson and your money making ways! With the holiday season right around the corner, 50 was back on QVC yesterday to sling his SMS Audio Headphones. According to his tweet, he pocketed nearly 200 racks in under 10 minutes. So much for the money team.

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  • Oz

    sorry to break it to you money does not = relevance in music otherwise master p or birdman would or hell some exec from wallstreet who decides to start rapping who makes 50 times what you make , they would be on mtvs hottest mcs no amount of doe will distract from the fact you are irrelevant in hip hop, played yourself by dissing evetybody thats practically on top of the game now thats weakness thats a loss dude rick ross 1#mc in any hip hoppers eyes thats a loss especially after all your trash talking you talked but never backed up and now you continue to talk, just take the loss release and album or decent music and you can make a brief nelly type comeback. damn dog did you really think you could go against jay lol stupid all you managed to do was alienate all the fans of t.i. rick ross wayne kanye jay-z which when you add it all up makes basically the entiraty of hip hop listeners, now we can tolerate shit talking we even engourage it but when its not backed up dude LOSS

  • lll

    This attitude is why he doesn’t sell records.
    He’s gonna be one of the richest people in the world but that’s not enough to sell records.

  • Oz

    bitch nigger selling pots and pans

  • Ya’ll niggas is hella stupid. Do you really think selling records is the first thing on his mind when he wakes up? Wat artist made 177,000 dollars in 10 minutes with music? Come on sun. Ya’ll niggas is hella blind.

    Music was his starting point. He’s made more money with his other business endeavors then with music. The music is just to reach people. Now that he’s reached them with his records he’s now partnering with others to sell them items which have more worth and value than the records he used to sell. Plus it takes him less effort. The only thing he has to to is tie his name to a product and help market it.

    Ya’ll niggas really need to go back to school, take up some basic economics or business. Take a few a marketing classes.

  • #honesty

    Ever since 300 bars it hasn’t been the same. Game won g unit is dead no clothes no music nothin all that beef caught up to you. But I’ll admit officer Ricky sucks that beef was funny

  • Devante

    Come on real business men shouldn’t throw figures in people faces…

  • ..Julian..

    Can’t hate on that

    Still nothing on the GD’s or Mason’s after William lol

    People who went to see William yesterday weren’t happy said the show was shit and posted pics on twitter of a half empty arena lol no one even buying tickets.

  • TrappedNthe90’s(hip-hop)

    Pls no more 50 supporters talking abt how much money he makes…ALL THAT MATTERS IS THE MUSIC…He isn’t putting out QUALITY music BOTTOM LINE…You NEVER hear ROCK or POP fans talking about how much MONEY those artist make as an argument for them being relevant..is always ONLY about the MUSIC…

  • STFU

    Ya’ll niggas stupid talking about record sales..some of ya’ll favorite artist will only be able to make money selling 150k-200k off records because they’re not business minded liked 50 and think outside the industry.


    50 needs to stop with all this money talk, nigga no one cares about your bank account. he’s not a hot rapper anymore.


    50 knows his hustle and u can tell that bitch wanna fuck haha

  • Rozay

    Please explain to me my he has to sell records, he already did that in his career, at this point all he has to do is make good music and he has, the Big Ten was good, 5 was decent, at the end of the day it is all about money whether you like it or not, making money for the love is ok but if you don’t have any financial gain from branding yourself what are you really doing, what good is making quality music when you are broke, yall niggas are not gonna pay his bills are you?50 has been out since 2003 as far as being mainstream and aside from Jay-Z and Diddy Dre and Baby no one else is a major player like him, there are plent of niggas who make hot music and had nice albulms who can’t rub two nickels together so miss me with that it’s all about the music bullshit.

  • Black Shady

    im a 50 fan…(or used to? idk anymore)…but i have to say; wheres the music tho?????

  • T

    Gotta respect dude’s grind.

  • bigg rome


  • Lethargic1

    @Devante Tell that to Trump or Birdman even. They do the same shit. What’s so different when 50 does it? Nothing. Music doesn’t sell like it used to and if you’re signed to a major, you get way less. No artist will make that amount in 10 mins let alone get that from sales off of a record.

  • All these clowns asking where the music is or speaking on him being irrelevant musically need to remember for a second that it was just earlier this year 50 gave his high quality and acclaimed mixtapes for absolutely free.

    Yeah his album doesn’t have a release date and it’s not 2003-2007 anymore,, but dude still got plenty of fans and haters to keep any discussion regarding anything he does in life relevant.

    Your favorite rapper will have a post here all weekend that will garner fewer comments than this one has in a couple hours,, so what’s the say about public interest??

    This dude just showed up for a surprise free show to the Brooklyn Boys & Girls club while your favorite rapper was passed out on prescription pills somewhere having his pockets ran by the used up strippers he spent the night with.

    I don’t think 50’s too concerned with y’all versions of ‘winning’…..

  • TrappedNthe90’s(hip-hop)

    Again if it ain’t about the MUSIC it’s irrelevant…only in hip-hop do we concern ourselves w/other things an artist is doing…SO WHAT if he is earning outside of MUSIC…what he EAT don’t make none of us $H!T…

  • LDN12

    wheres the music at real talk

  • auntie murder

    lol thisis50 spammers are working hard again.. NOBODY gives a fuck about 50, NOBODY likes 50 and NOBODY in his right mind will post something positive about this dude. And that is haunting him now.. Because when it is all said and done, this kinda news is just another typical 50 cent cry for attention..

    Karma is catching up on him and his bullshit character.. Just like his once enormous popularity, he’s fortune will diminish too.. All his business endeavours are losing money rapidly.. SMS audio is the biggest loss in headphone industry smh, he’s acting career was a FLOP !! Latest mixtapes went totally unnoticed. Almost all his films flopped (even with him financing 90 % of the films himself smh..) . Nobody in the music industry likes him, or even wants to fuck with him. Some still have to contractually ofcourse.. His Gunit deals with shawty lo, dj pauly d etc haven’t made a dime..
    His boxing scheme will also flop watch it..

  • R

    I think this guy fucks his own money and cums on it this gorilla is gone!!!

  • RD

    then why do you think this still made to most of the rap blogs… if this ain’t relevant…

  • Rozay

    Niggas say nobody gives a fuck about 50 but niggas take the time to make a comment about him, One thing I hate is when niggas can’t be objective, if you don’t like the nigga just say that and keep it moving but don’t say he’s not relevant, most of you niggas who claim it’s all about the music don’t even buy that shit, yall get on here praising Kendrick, Nas,Jay, and anybody else who makes good music but don’t purchase shit, keep it 100 niggas, if his music so irrelevant why yall niggas making comments about him, we heard yall the first 50 times yall said it 50 can’t make good music anymore, G-Unot, Game ended his career, Ross ended his career, this isn’t 2005 BLAH BLAH BLAH, we get it, go comment on someone who you are feeling musically, to easy right.

  • Dave

    I bet he fucked them two old bitches afterward.do they make SMS wireless?I want some wireless headphones

  • RAX

    “It’s your world we’re just living in it” Ok..most relevant sentence in the whole scene.

  • epinz

    U hatin ass nggz are funny.. yall act like he posted it on the website. He must be relevant if yall on here commenting on him. He dnt run this site, he dnt decide what gets pisted or not. But the website knpws to put him in cuz it equals hits. Which makes him relevant to whoever runs the site…also, hes on qvc selling fuckin headphones, thats hiphop. No diff than jay owning the nets. Who else in hiphop doin it?!?!? Thats opening doors. Even funnier, is the fact that since he making money, the haters gotta talk about the music. Yall shut the fuck up and ler him live. At least he making money. Some of these rappers is whack AND broke. Even funnier is that 50 dnt gotta drop another album in all his life and hes got a classic debut, classic mixtapes, and still has sold more than the poppinest rappers right now. The ones that are “relevant”?!?!? They wish they had 50’s career all day. Ross cant even go plat….

  • Carlito R

    The funny thing is even if 50’s music was super hot again. Most of yall still won’t buy it. No one is buying music these days like they use to 5 -10 years ago. Lucky for 50 he knows that. He’s realistic.

    Even Rick’s GFID and Nicki’s Roman Loaded bith struggled to go Gold and may never at this point reach Platinum. In fact if you add up all of Rick’s albums sales they still wont add up to 50’s 1st album. The point is that its super hard (pause) for 99% of rappers to sell albums nowadays so its smart to try to branch off and use your fame or name to promote other things outside of albums.

  • michelle michelle

    I’.m cool with 50 pushing nic nacs on tv to make his money The L’s he was taking on the music scene was getting embarrassing.

  • Outlet

    What part of this fool doesn’t need to make records anymore don’t yall clowns inderstand

  • brollya

    ya some clowns for real or ya jus lik being assholes….. ross and wayne and all dem talk bout how much money they make for shows and all dat other stuff in bout every song they make but wen 50 do it ya talkin bout he miserable and bragging to much…… i dont get it…… and most of des rap niggaz aint even goin gold and cant pay back the label for they 2 million dollar budget so they lying..

  • ODC

    Lol at the comments about him selling records.
    Wow, am I in the twilight zone?
    So the goal to life is sell a lot of records, thought you sell a lot of record to make a lot of money. Rappers sells insufficient about of record to make money while rapping about making so money which they didn’t make, don’t have.
    But 50 makes 80 times more away from selling records, but it’s deem as failure cause he’s not doing through selling records.


    Hate cause dementia, irrationality and induce plain stupidity.

  • ODC


    Co sign

  • Unbiased Fan of Rap

    French Montana in referencing 50 said he’d rather sell 1 million copies over 10 albums then sell 10 Million copies on 1

    WHY YOU WANNA WORK HARDER FOR THE SAME SUCCESS FOO!!!!!!!! especially when that nigga WONT EVER sell a million records of 1 album. Not to mention 50 2nd album did 9+ mill.

    Being rich & still making music that gets listened to by a fanbase regardless of the size = RELEVENT

    Stop bein brainwashed FUCK RADIO, FUCK BET, FUCK MTV they don’t decide who’s relevent. They play who they’re paid to play & occasionaly will pick up what the people are saying is hot.

  • nooutsidesourcewillSAVE

    with $ 50 aint nothin… now thats sad.

  • Mojo

    Dam shame. Eminem, Dre, Jigga, hell even Puff don’t run to twitter talking about “I just made so and so in x amount of time”…and they making MORE than this guy…This negro looking for MAD attention…and he is getting some of it, but it won’t help him star in any blockbusters, sell a ton of records, or even get his fighters (all 2 of them) any meaningful fights.

    In high school you were the man, homie….

  • lol if rap dont work, ima hustle my shitty headphones that ive yet to c anyone wearing them…

  • @ mojo lol exactly, it must suck to have your own bar to back to bite u on the ass..

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @ODC. Your right man. But some of theses guys on here Selective memory. Curtis Jackson is a businessman first and foremost. Dudes find any little thing to be mad at this man.

  • Donn

    If you have an opinion on another man then that makes him relevant cus you could have taken the time to comment on a million other irrelevant people but you chose to speak on 50. Sounds pretty relevant to meeeeeeeee

    50 WINS #AGAIN

  • Commentator of Common Sense

    I don’t understand how everyone justifies all these wack niggaz by saying “he gettin money tho”… And then 50 actually gets the money and now niggaz is mad at him for it? Only in the hypocritical world of hip hop fans

  • Fake Lyrics

    Most say hes not relevant but its you same niggas that come to his posts over and over.. 50 s a boss he aint going nowere get over it haters he steady gets bread and gets cosigned by real niggas http://youtu.be/gKKYtFWMaJY— thats why most of you bitches envy Because youll never be a gansgter / business man boss EVER thats why ya’ll steady hate..

  • mac dIsel’s BOSS

    I will choose money over record sell are you dumb…I rather be Adele executive producer than be Adele

  • epinz

    Just came back and noticed that out of all the posts about music, this one, which has nothing to do with music, got 42 comments while all the other shit got maybe 10 comments at most. 50 still not relevant??!?!?

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  • Luks

    I bet those 200 racks that even after making all that money he fuck one of the hosts too lol !!! 50 is that nigga !!!!

  • BlackDivine

    this is more than music.. follow the blueprint jay-z laid out. music is cool ,yea but if you have a way to surpass music profits then do it. 99% of the rappers that get on this blog dont make music for the love they do it for a check,they just cant do what 50,dre,jayz,diddy,etc. can do yet.

    In the past it was just the jew behind the scenes making money off music careers,now it can be the artist if they are smart like 50,jay,etc..

  • Look 50 they hating just like you asked for lol…. #GetMoneyFuckYoCouch

  • Cam

    “Too bad he can’t sell that many records any more..” and “he’s not relevant anymore” are hilarious. He’s stankin Rich. He was the man at one point and cashed in..

    Were Commenting on 50. He’s Counting Money.

    Fuck azz niggas. Get your mind on your money!

  • 85

    boy, get the mixtapes if you wanna hear 50’s Music…
    them bitches is goin ham around Fif .. hahaha


    Good to see 50 Cent making money on QVC. Can’t hate on that ACTUAL endeavor. As far as music is concerned, RICK ROSS ended Curtis Jackson’s career.


    It’d be interesting if both RICK ROSS and CURTIS came out with their album on the same day. Kinda like the situation with Kanye.


    Have never seen a person wearing the ACTUAL 50 Cent’s headphones. Anyway, good luck Curtis. U need that cause that boy RICK ROSS done ended your rap career


    “That n*gga signed two trans-gender artist ……gggggggay unit ….”

  • room2roam

    dis ninja lyin. he just trying to save face cuz he on qvc…lol

  • C-will

    There are a lot of corny muh’fuckers in this world…

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