New Video: Ludacris Ft. Usher & David Guetta “Rest Of My Life”

Luda and company clears the runway and takes off with their motivational visual. The dance tune is the latest single off Ludacris’ eighth LP, Ludaversal, scheduled to land early next year.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    “scheduled to land early next year” AKA No time SOON.

  • IamRealTalk (GFID #2xPLATINUM – Rap Career Slow Up…Show Ya D!ck or Get a Reality Show) ( Undastand Meh? Understand Meh? If Bloggin Was a Category Id Win a Grammy !! )

    dam never thought luda would fall of smh get of the
    T.I.P of my Dic

  • IamRealTalk (Rozay Goes 2XPlat Wit GFID) “These bitches love Sosa O End or no end Fucking with those O boys, you gon’ get fucked over Rari’s and Rovers These hoes love Chief Sosa “



  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Ya know, the song isn’t exactly bad from a David Guetta or Usher perspective but from a Ludacris perspective, this is trash, I still disapprove! I don’t want this on my copy of Ludaversal!

  • dave

    Luda tried to sell out by jumping on the Techno/EDM shit and still failed.nigga just stick to acting

  • I called it

    LMFAO….Black folks gonna hate on this joint! lol

    If i was at some crazy ass party in amsterdam with lots of white folks, i would rock out to this shit!!

    On the other hand, if i was on the south side of chicago at some club with chief keef, lil reese and em…and this joint came on?? There might be a RIOT!!

    Who buys songs on iTunes? White folks…end of story!!

  • Donn

    I never listened to the song before this, like I hated it when I saw the titled and overlooked it but when I actually clicked play Luda said some real shit in the track, I think you guys just hate it cus it’s not HipHop shit, but if the lyrics are there and the feeling is there, the singing is on point, the beat is dope then what’s the problem. This song is really inspirational, glad I pressed play

  • DK

    The fucked up thing is Luda is actually talented, but it seems like (with this song especially, but also the one he does with Enrique Eglacias and the one with Taio Cruz or whatever the fuck his name is) that he’s — for lack of a better description — trying to be the black Pitbull.

    Does anyone remember the song “Growing Pains” from the Word of Mouf album? I wish he did more of that shit; more an introspective, mature vibe that his age at this point would warrant him to do.

    YN’s “Truth” video of veteran rappers following trends comes to mind.

  • the One

    Call this track trash all you like but all I see is pure green money!! Commercials movies you name it , this song has residuals written all over it! simple Ninjas!

  • imtravi

    Where is the creativity?! I can’t hate on the beat or the feature but what part of This is the Ludacris we know?! It might b a hit but it won’t go over well with his core fans.

  • V.S.

    Ludacris going for Flo Rida’s spot with this track… im a big fan of ludacris but daaaaaaamn homey…. he really wanted a buzz so he said guetta gimme a beat and paid usher to get on this club techno trance…

    luda. stick to your style… whatever that is now, cuz hip hop fans out here wanna hear you RAP. luda has the nicest rhymes out here, just not on this track.

  • Trinidad James

    New Flo-Rida’s hot! Oh wait! That’s Luda. SMH

  • CJF


  • Joe Anderson

    i think 50 stays goin at Ross cause it kills his ego that he didnt outright destroy his career like he did Ja or nearly did Fat essence Ross used him to get to where he felt he needed to be..a a guy with an ego like Fif just cant fathom that so any dig he can use at Ross he does…

  • J-LL

    Luda is so diverse love his flow!!! #LudaNation its the movement!!