New Music: Keith Murray “La La La”

Keith’s ready to get his feet wet again by releasing a new mixtape, Lord Of The Metaphor. So until that happens, he overwhelms us with his vocabulary on the project’s first single.


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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Is there anything sadder than old washed up 90s rappers trying to make a comeback ?

  • Angelo

    @Your mother’s friend …and yet they can still out rap 98% of the under 30 rappers in the game. “These niggaz can’t hold the torch, so why pass it”

  • I hear u haters talking but I’m just walking singing la la la la la la! First Keith Murray saying I heard in a while this is Dope! He did a great job .

  • Song<saying

  • Royalty of this shyt!

    this is cool ..i like

  • sinofmidmobb

    Love it… I’m glad the veterans are just getting back to making GOOD music. LL Cool J got out a hit too…

  • auntie murder

    This shit is hot !!

  • Ya

    This is dope!!

  • PistolPistol

    Agreeing! These are my dudes.. Don’t even listen to these young commercial ass, fake ass fucking rappers. Talk shit about the older dudes. They paved the way fuck face. 90’s rap>bitches!

  • Derrt

    Yup, I fux with this. “Peace to Keith Murray”

  • THIS IS MEAN. i feel this joint. Hit me for Beats @OnemanBeats twitter

  • Thereal

    Wow he still destroys the mic

  • This is actually ight, Keith did his thing

  • zeee

    pure fire. that second verse was ill

  • I like this beat.keith spitting on here.This beat reminds me of tribe called Quest.I fuck w/ it

  • Curtis75Black

    This is tight !! Keith Murray still bringing it.

  • the One

    La la la la la!!! ya boy one of the best voices in the game sounding like he back!! He is rapping circles around your favorite rapper.. Great job Keith I’m a ride with bro!

  • imperial85

    straight up ’97-’98 style on this one. Excellent!