• ..Julian..

    I luv this joint, Shit is hard.

    Scrilla also just dropped a video with Gibbs & Tone Trump called Movie On which is hot


    THE ACTUAL song is not bad, ACTUALLY.
    BTW, is FILTHY SCENT still rapping? Haven’t heard from the monkey in a while

  • gtouthere

    Friddie Gibbs is the DOnald Trump of the job game, he stay getting people fired who try to help him out and shit.
    First he snitched on the TSA agent who let him slide with weed,
    then he sets up a black cop to use his car in his video and brag he smokin weed in from of the cops.

  • Del

    Gangsta Gibbs… I fucks wit it

  • CTE

  • epinz

    the whole tape is hard as fuck…

  • rahrahrah

    Must be tough for these guys. He’s already put out three albums worth of music for free. Yeah he’s eating off of it, promotions, and touring, but now he has to come out with a “classic” album.

    I like Cold day…STr8 Killa8, midwestgangsta.., but haven’t been feeling BFK. I’m glad to see his work with Madlib, and glad to see that RZA reached out to him..

    Saw GZA the other day when he came through my town. Dude’s 45 yrs old or something but because of the quality of his music and the subject matter he could stay on stage by himself and spit for hours.

    I hope that this is what Gibbs aspires to. It must be hard to aspire to that while at the same time facing the pressures of being “gangsta” “keeping it real” and having to have a blockbuster.

  • Gibbs hoe

    This is no doubt one of his hardest songs ever…BFK was sick, def up there with Midwest Box Frame and Miseducation for his best projects! Gibbs the best gangsta rapper in the game

  • j

    send em to God trynna rob the Godfather/ if he scared of catchin a murder then why bother?/ im peelin off a knot for pots of hot water/ niggaz wrote me off and it made me grind harder/ peace to the east nigga, peace to the chief/ gotta slug for the judge, plenty heat for police/ and a book full of sins that i read when i sleep/ and i wake up and i put em on the beat…how u luh that???


  • da boss

    Yo YN or B. Dot, can yall please get this shit on the RR Top 5? Gibbs deserves the shine more than The Game, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and 50 Cent…cmon man, do the big homie a favor

  • Christian

    Freddie Gibbs a real one

  • truth

    BFK = mixtape of the year … GKMC = album of the year

  • IamRealTalk (These Bitches Luv RealTalk) “Breaking News: Rozay Decides to sell his ownership in this Site..Wants to Focus on Wingstop Investment “

    i fuckin HATE CTE ARTIST !!!!


  • epinz

    yo, iamealtalk is the only troll i can tolerate lol his shit is funny

  • floridaboy

    great mixtape, one of d years best