New Video: King Los “Born A King”

Rising from the throne, Baltimore’s royal highness props up the camera and pays respects to the game’s classics. Bow down in the presence of greatness.


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  • Iran The Race


  • joda

    this dude is the next one

  • KillaKam

    WOW!!! Did you hear what he said……

  • No

    Gay lame and no….. nigga aint no king nobody no u

  • Marko V

    Puff need to push this guy instead of the others cuz he actually seems to have talent and a purpose beyond making money. No diss to MGK cuz he definitely reps the culture however he didn’t really need to sign to Puff. This Los cat needs a label to push him and make him a star. Diddy do your job man.
    P.S. yo wur Lola at tho.

  • this kid is DKings son. DKing is a Baltimore emcee who was signed to Jay Z when he was 13 and he is being managed by Kevin Liles now. King Los yeah right. I can guarantee that Diddy will never release shit from Los.

  • Ray

    Los is a beast. I hope he gets the right push from Puff.

  • zeee

    super dope