New Video: KRS-One “Disaster Kit”

KRS-One lays out the survival tips and necessities to accompany his recent trackJust Passin Through mixtape drops Thanksgiving.


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  • Chillthrills

    Yeah that’s what I’m talk in bout,,usefuL hiphop,,,good lookin. Kris,,,,whatever might go down we gonna survive that

  • PPrrootteesstt


  • I Llisten To Cheif Keef


  • rhyme

    Son taught me some shit I never knew about in this joint. Props!

  • che

    DJ Shadow used this sample on “Building Steam with a Grain of Salt”.

  • Royalty of this shyt!




  • Finally some hip hop with substance.

  • asdfghjkl

    so much new shit from older artists nowadays blowin up my ear drums.

  • CBH

    Love this

  • KRS

    Yo, I LOVE this shit!! KRS-ONE is the ONLY MC who could have pulled this off. Think about it, he is actually teaching you real useful survival skills that most of us didn’t even know through rap. Do you know how hard this must have been to write? Fuck!

    This guy is a master. You can tell a legend from an MC because only a legend could pull this off. And if you say I am dickriding or am a stan, so be it because KRS-ONE deserves all the respect you can give him if you are a true hip hop fan.

    Don’t take advantage of these living legends because when they are gone, its over. It’s sad that the golden age MC’s don’t get the respect they deserve or are not looked at as the legends they are. Why do rock groups like Aerosmith and KISS have worldwide fan bases, TV shows, get seats on shows, and cash in when our legends can’t even afford health insurance and suffer in 1 bedroom apartments.

    Man, it’s time for hip hop to wake up and support these guys. We grew up on their music and its time we give back to them and treat them the way they should be treated. Watch Ice T’s film and see the conditions these legends live in compared to rock groups. It’s pathetic.

  • stikupkid

    I was gonna mention that dj shadow too, Che, that record was epic…