• Prophet

    The god Omarion is back!

  • WACK

  • lick da kat

    Im glad he back 2 actually singing. i might actually buy this.

  • Zagga

    No matter what you think of Maybach O, or his signing to MMG, you gotta admit….AWESOME SONG

  • onenutned

    how niggas get busted wit jump off puss when hotels got short stay?…niggas need to get it together…good job O.

  • #RTAffiliate

    You know I can’t even front, this a really solid song. I mean I didn’t expect to hear something so mature and to the point with Omarion, but I gotta give the nigga props on steppin up his pen game and making a nice cut.

  • veesky

    Wow, I didn’t really listen to “Self Made Vol. 2” but this track was a lot better than what I expected

  • the brain trust

    Yeah, people slept on this track when it dropped on Self made 2.

    Always knew it was a great song.

  • Midsize Jerm

    I never thought I’d see the day when grown men are going mad deep on Maybach O’s theoretical cock. Song ain’t nothin’ special nigga.


  • JustMyOpinion

    This is a sick song. Thought it was ill when I first heard it n SM2.

  • Slim Baller


  • IamRealTalk (These Bitches Luv RealTalk) “Breaking News: Rozay Decides to sell his ownership in this Site..Wants to Focus on Wingstop Investment “


  • crisly

    omarion ♥
    excelente tema excelente realmente…
    él es el mejor!!!!
    hermosooooo O i lov u

  • Iran The Race

    Very good song. I never even listened to self made 2…. makes me wanna reconsider, maybe. “shrugs”

  • malikastr8

    it sound aight,but i still see as like a b2k member wtf
    check out autistic female rapper ” 3’0 clock panties drop

  • Kunta Kente

    @IamRealTalk wrote all those comments smh… Fucking Lame!

  • Chris Stokes

    I like it 😉


    Knew this was a hit when I first heard it on SM2. Yall slept on this. Video came off a OMARION song instead of an MMG song. Good visual. Best video I’ve seen in a while.

  • kayandgee

    dope song and video. one of the best rnb songs this year, he’s on to one

  • JMillionaire


  • Lloyd

    You’s just a hater if you say this song’s thrash

  • the One

    song can gwan

  • Trinidad James

    Song is fire. Glad to see O on his dean. Good work ya bish!

  • wale killed his verse its time people start taking a wale feature seriously…nobody even mention him once in 24 comments….dude’s got skill none of you buying into the hype of a wale verse?? if this was a Meek, big sean or kendrick feature you’d be commenting on every aspect of it! i mean dammm

  • Nick

    Wale sucks, bro.

  • che

    this track is ill! I’m not even into radio singles, but this is def a banger. O did his thing.

  • bigjay

    some bad bitches in that video. song is dope.

  • bylaw99

    Its alright not nothing special!

  • Itz Yourz

    I wish a fool would give me a bump spill of liqour in my cup (2:26 mark)…lol, thats when you take the whole bottle.

    Nice eye candy in the vid. Thought the main chick was kimbella at first. SMH, hell no to gorgeous of a face and sick body to be her.