New Music: J.Cole “Miss America”

Petty thoughts sounds good when they’re over a dope beat. And on the two year anniversary of Friday Night Lights, Cole drops the first offering off his sophomore set. Born Sinner arrives on his birthday, January 28th. Purchase this on iTunes here.

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    looks like cole dooesnt care about a hit just cares about music and thats the cole we all grown to know. great single

  • M.T

    This shit is FIRE!!!! I wasnt expecting this as a single but im glad he went in this direction. Born Sinner is about to be something serious.

  • expected somethin way better

  • Haseeb

    Not feeling it. Beat isn’t anything special and The hook is kinda whack. From a former cole fan

  • RollsRoyce83

    More NWO/Illuminati Symbolism in everything he does.This is just outright blatant too SMH selling your soul for a few fans, nice cars and a post on rap radar.

  • still best rite now!!

    Kendrick set the bar….u gotta step it up Cole

  • nick riveria

    not hot

  • Chicken Liro

    ^ Co-sign, Dot spoke his mind, but through stories, ,idk bout this one, coming from a real Cole fan..

  • Chicken Liro

    Anything off of FNL would be a better single..

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    It will grow on me like every Cole song. Its better than some cookie cutter shit…

  • Black Hank Moody

    I swear, even if Jesus himself spit a verse, yall niggas would prolly say he losing his Holiness or somin…

  • Marko V


  • Loyalty

    People commenting on this site is sad! Yall niggas asked for real hip hop and when yall got it you complain! Damn workout was to pop for you, so he gave you that real substance and you still don’t like it! Stop comparing everything to friday Night Lights! This shit is dope! don’t listen to it once in comment, digest the song and the lyrics then come back and comment! If this was kendrick Lamar song, yall be like this shit is hot. Niggas talking about how they were old fans of Cole, shit yall wasn’t real fans to start with if you turn on an artist after one album! Yall go back to listern to YMCMB, MMG, French Montana and all the rest of those #HIP-POP rappers.

  • marquice

    it’s gonna be a COLE winter

  • RollsRoyce83

    French Montana Is The Truth!!

  • This is dope

  • The Truth

    Aye I remember this J. Cole guy, he still rapping? I fucked with dude when I got tired of Drake’s buzz, even bought his album like he was the savior of hip-hop then Kendrick Lamar came and fucked the world.

  • Nathaniel

    it’s dope. but i do hate when he gets off track and starts dropping lil lines about being dope on the mic. it gets in the way when the main subject is contrary to shit like that.

    i ain’t complaining though. the song is dope.

  • Brooklyn

    Over >>>> Work Out and Headlines >>>> Miss America

  • Joey

    if you sayin this aint like the old cole you obviously arent a fan cuz this nigga always touched on these kinda topics, such sheep i swear. K dot is great but dont get it twisted J. Cole is right there with him or even probably ahead. Yall some haters. Born Sinner sounds serious.

  • DMVinyourchick

    Just died @ black hank Moody’s comment

  • Nathaniel

    that hook reminds me of 2pac. the way he delivered it… and so does some of how he did the verses. that’s not a bad thing in this case, though. i know he got the Pac influence. hell of a nigga to be inspired by.

  • Jacob

    Tonight cole lost a big fan, I didn’t want to think that he was illuminati because I didn’t see him throwing up any signs, then I saw the cover art and heard the things he rapped about in the song, sad…

  • Sway

    co-sign @Nathaniel I hate when rappers talk about how dope they are in there bars, nigga just prove it by making a song that stays on topic. Something Slaughterhouse never learned which is why them niggas never had succesful solo careers

  • M.T

    “More NWO/Illuminati Symbolism in everything he does.This is just outright blatant too SMH selling your soul for a few fans, nice cars and a post on rap radar.”

    “Tonight cole lost a big fan, I didn’t want to think that he was illuminati because I didn’t see him throwing up any signs, then I saw the cover art and heard the things he rapped about in the song, sad…”
    lmao yall niggas stupid as fuck.

  • The Truth

    @Jacob Where the fuck you been he been throwing up the Diamond sign since Can’t Get Enough video. Why you think he got album release for Cole World. As soon as Jay Electronica throws up the Roc Act II will drop.

  • Black Shady



  • Roc Nation

    Melanie Fiona, Miguel, Frank Ocean, and Nas all confirmed features on Born Sinner 1/28/13

  • TPratt

    Cole just keeps getting better & better!!! #MissAmerica

  • Shyne Po

    This shit Trash! (Shyne Voice)

  • Jacob

    @The Truth, I knew that was a factor but I wanted to think that it was only because hes roc nation

  • Harlem Nigga

    His debut album still ain’t went platinum smh… He the biggest bust in hip-hop HISTORY!

  • truth23

    “More NWO/Illuminati Symbolism in everything he does.This is just outright blatant too SMH selling your soul for a few fans, nice cars and a post on rap radar.”

    “Tonight cole lost a big fan, I didn’t want to think that he was illuminati because I didn’t see him throwing up any signs, then I saw the cover art and heard the things he rapped about in the song, sad

    Cole is not Illuminati! If you saw the video trailer for the album and release date you would know that in that video the theme was Born Sinner and Saint. So if you listened to Miss America, Cole give you two sides of the story. The hand in the pic symbolizes the Sinner and the MA’ AT’S SCALE stand for truth and justice which symbolizes the saint. Cole theme always been horns and halo.

  • mikecoleworld

    a perfect single

  • jobie

    Got that Game Pac feel on this. Cole music always solid

  • chucktaylor

    co sign truth23. yeah I noticed that 2. everyones sayin he’s illuminati cuz hes giving you the good and the bad. this niggas kyrics are too niceee.

  • trae

    if u dont like this go listen to drake find your love, headlines or even big seans new tropical single. cole is the truth with meaning behind his lyrics

  • JReezy

    Lol @ Black Hank Moody

    Shit had me rolling, you a fool for that.

  • Ramon Ayala

    Check this lil spanglish dude out, tripped me out.

  • ..Julian..

    This is what i call good hip hop

  • ss

    not feelin this.. coles tracks seem kinda repetitive for real. I wish he would switch that flow

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  • IF YOU DIDNT LISTEN TO THE TRACK ATLEAST 3 TIMES. you dont have an opinion, i can understand constructive critiques but yall go out yall way and around the corner to have on cole. maybe its jus me but niggas must not be hearing the same shit i hear…..just let the music marinate

  • hate*

  • Shooga

    I stopped commenting on this site as soon as I saw how many haters and fking internet warriors are on it. Illuminati what? ^ You guys are stupid as fk.

  • Shooga

    And try to actually listen to the track. Hey if you dont like the lyrics you can press fast forward.

  • dope

  • get free cole world was so much better then this shit wtf is this he can do way better then this

  • Truth

    hope they redo the hook before the album … call it a ‘remix’ or smthing

  • michelle michelle

    I will be buying Cole’s album. That’s what you do when you feel a connection with the artist. I’m sure this won’t be poppin’ at the strip club, that’s for the singles charts.

  • This shit is fire and yall bugging.I thought it would be a chick song this some real shit but, IDK what that symbol cover art shit is about

  • Faded 4evaNaDay

    @loyalty Completely cosigning on that man. Great to see Cole ain’t chasing that hit this time around. He may not sell much on this project but it will Deff be a dope albun

  • Yeah Right Nigga

    So now were comparing everything to Kendrick??? Sheep ass niggas. This shit is dope

  • Novakaine

    @MRT had me dyin reading through comments like “these niggas smh” and get to yours and im lit so that she was funny

  • Word

    Cosign @Nathaniel and @Sway. Thats why I never became a Slaughtterhouse fan. They’re dope, but all these guys do is try to convince you they’re the best MCs on the planet. Its annoying. Just rap. I didnt feel like Cole did too much of that on this track, but he did just enough for it to be a lil annoying.

    Overall, this is a dope song. I think Kendrick did set the bar high though. Im still as big a Cole fan as you’ll see on this site, and im glad at the direction he took with this single in terms of it not being too pop, but the song itself is only “pretty good”. Im sure it’ll grow on me (Ive listened to it 3 times as im typing this so far) but I just hope he puts together a cohesive, 10/10 album like GKMC and not a 7.5/10 or 8/10 effort he gave with Sideline Story. I dont know what direction he wants to take for the overall album, and I dont want him to flat out copy Kendrick, but I wanna see more cohesiveness.

    He didnt drop a mixtape this time, so I expect all the songs HE wants on the album to actually be there this time (Cuz FnL had songs im sure he wanted for his album like Pre Murder). Im still riding round bumping FnL to this day, hoping he drops similiar songs in the coming weeks leading to the album.

  • Word

    And let me say again, this song is pretty good. Not mind blowingly good like I think some of you were expecting (I dont know why, how often are singles ever the best songs on the album?) but its still dope. I could throw this song on FnL and itd fit right in. Thats how I look at it.

  • Jax

    Cole World! He’s back to doing real rap, no commercial BS.

  • weedhead

    Alot of yall dont understand.. what yall mean it wont work? dissapointed? its a dope track man. the shit yall complain about is crazy.. niggas out here rappin and they aint even rappers. this shit comes from the heart u gotta respect that. and if u hatin jus remember cole doin better than yall

  • youngtoona


  • navo

    The real is back. Cole World


    Baphomet signs??? this nigga need a simmons family rat pack

  • malikastr8

    this for the streets but i like ti though
    check out autistic female rapper “3’o clock panties drop”

  • ya bish!

    it’s cool now back to that GKMC. “I am a sinner who’s probably gonna sin again…”

  • #RTAffiliate

    “This shit won’t play on the radio” So, so, true. Last politically correct song to play on the radio was Young Jeezy’s “My President Is Black”. Cole killed this whole track with delivery and lyrical content. I finally get how the cover the of the single relates to the song “Miss America”. The entire song was Cole weighing the values of wealth and fame vs. his grass roots agenda as an upstart emcee to make a change in the industry. Conflicted emcee’s telling it how it is with slick wordplay is always a plus with me.

  • ECU

    lmao @Black Hank Moody. COLE WORLD. the jcole n kendrick album goin to be historic

  • EgypCHIN

    I rox w Loyalty for that thruth

  • Tremier

    i rox w @Loyalty & @truth23 for that real that they presented

  • EgypCHIN

    i rox w @Loyalty & @truth23 for that real that they stated.

  • HK

    Dude is cool but I’m just not feelin’ him. Maybe it’s voice…too monotone.

  • Keyf

    cole gave me hope for the genre, he will always be a god damn g

  • Wow. Pac and Jay seeds combined and impregnated this track .. When I heard the “livin life on the edge” , first thing I thought was, that’s Pac. When he says “talk shit and taste the tip of the mossburg,” and then “don’t trip nigga they just words” that’s Jay IMO. Can’t wait to play this after GKMC and see how it stacks.

  • Bazz


  • Mike Jones


  • Robama

    @RollsRoyce83 loooooooooool you even listening to these lyrics??.. track is too nice, more of this cole please!

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    drake falls off, cole gets better

  • kingcai

    i don’t care what the rest of yall say, this is good music…i got it on repeat. let’em know cole “if you aint fuckin’ me don;t fuck with me”….

  • Black Hank Moody

    “you hated before you played it, i already forgave ya”..If i recall, Cole prolly put half of yall on to Kendrick Lamar…

  • Converse

    Jcole murder this beat…to many dope lines

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