• Genesis

    The future right here…. And no comments….. How appropriate……


  • DMVinyourchick

    this is the future right here wooooh this shit is fire, i keep tellin niggaz when ab soul debut album drop there will be a power shift in hip hop mark my words kendrickk is nice but ab soul is somethin niggaz aint ready 4

  • Ash Ketchum

    @Genesis These niggas ain’t no fucking future……How cute two boring ass rappers on one track.

    Spiritual,Miracle,Lyrical,swimming pool ass rap

  • the homie


  • Thereal

    @DMVinyourchick Ab-Sould already dropped an album this past summer unless you talking debute major album?
    This is crazy none the less they just bomb the game

  • GlassesMalone

    Yeah I am ready for all of TDE’s major debuts.

  • Thereal

    Just bought this song support this is the good music!

  • dopeness

    two fav. rappers right now

  • i dont know what soulo was doin on this track lmao…

  • Marko-V

    Ab Soul is the truth tho. I just revisited Setion 80 yesterday and the elements of revoluiton and some other extra sounds that made that album so dope Ab Soul seemed to contribute. His view of the world is truly coming from an artistic level and that keeps me lookin forward to new material from dude just to see where he takes the beat.


  • Fire Marshall D.O.O.B

    Soulo Ho3 gon raise the stock of TDE even more so when he drop his next two efforts…THEN when he drop his major debut, there’s def going to be a power shift in Hip-Hop! Bragging raps is going to play second fiddle to these types of niggas rapping! Mark my words! MMG artist make all the $$ you can now!

  • veesky

    I’m a fan of both emcees, but for some reason I couldn’t really get into this

  • rahrahrah

    Good direction….not the most cohesive, but this is the stuff.

  • Un3rd

    Do you understand what there saying in this song people wtf?!?! keep your third eyes open kids

  • HK

    dope. fx w/JBA

  • dave

    Oh shit this is a dream collaboration.they speaking some other shit.I’m buying this.support real music fuck nick cannon!

  • Genesis

    @Ash Ketchum Keep your mouth shut, and keep ya motherfuckin chakras open……

  • olddirty

    @ash you’re an idiot. Listen to their music and its the opposite of boring, these 2 guys are the future of rap. All of Top dawg and Pro era actually, they’re all nice.