New Music: T.I. “Clique (Remix)”

Back on the remix grind, T.I.P. tacks an ordinary verse on his version of G.O.O.D. Music’s track. Trouble Man drops December 18.

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  • ridalen

    worse cover art i seen in my life

  • yesssir


  • Shooga

    Oh God he killed it.

  • Homie

    thought the verse was pretty decent..

  • are you afraid of the dark – turbo t. double CLIQUE freestyle

    *this artist has a new video coming out with kanye’s runaway dancers. they are all naked, too*

  • DoinTooMuch

    Yo, Big Homie trippin. TIP verse was dope.

  • JustMyOpinion

    We need a petition in RAP. You CAN’T call it a remix, if there’s only ONE new verse. #deal?

  • Slim Baller

    Hahaha the cover art smh. Looks like a weezy school themed album cover lol…
    Anyway..T.I. Went IN

  • Mark

    Fireeeee! Tip on another level

  • Trill

    Whoaaaaaaa!!!!!! He killed jay ye and Sean hands down

  • nick riveria

    lol this verse sucks..hes talkin but he aint sayin nothin. why is this nigga still talkin about hoes and drugs? he has a wife and is on probation gettin clearly arent about that life and havent been for YEARS. its a wrap for ti

  • Trill

    @nickriveria sqaure ass nigga FYI he off probation and how the fuck you know what type of relationship him and his bitch got! Fuck nigga quit hating that man verse was tuff!!!

  • Bronx joe

    Nigga be hating be hating on T.I. So much it don’t make sense smh, Great verse Troubleman gone be sick 12/18/2012

  • 74×74

    Ain’t no official “CLIQUE” remix until E-40, B-Legit up in it.

  • he had a lotta of charisma and flo.. Lyrics meh.. Its way better than seans Verse. Jay still has the best verse IMO.

  • @Shamba Menelek

    cosign 100%

  • chism

    ^^ yeah TI came pretty close but jay still holds it down

  • i hope jay raps like this on his new album love this shit

  • Why is the chalk white but the letters black tho :/ smh

  • Yeezus Christ

    ^ he wrote it with his dick

  • Niggas kill me with this T.I. shit, like his tv show let you in on something you ain’t already know. NO rapper is killing and selling drugs the way they talk in their music, it’s 2012 damn near ’13, everybody should know this.

    T.I.’s show ain’t the problem, the fact he went in and out of jail to the point that niggas stopped caring about when his album was dropping is the problem. I mean, 50 came out talking about “In the club” and he “high all the time” and the nigga don’t smoke, drink, or go to clubs, and never did. When the music’s right, nobody cares…

  • Balla

    But had this been a verse from Gunplay or Meek Mill it wouldn’t be so “ordinary” huh?

  • Itz Yourz

    I agree with Big Homie…it was an aight verse.

    But when you listen to trap back jumpin…smh, trouble man gone be a hard album. Not coppin it but Im sure my brother will so it will get burned!

  • drethewaviest


  • LikeJordan45

    TI is my nigga and this verse was cool but lol @ the cover art and did anyone notice the white chalk and black font? Not really sure what that’s about but I know we’re “not supposed to care about cover art”

  • LouisDaKing

    T.I. killed it !!!! TROUBLE MAN DECEMBER 18th