New Music: Joe Budden “Momma Said”

Momma said there’d be days like this. But this evening, Joe talks to mom dukes on the Beewirks-produced track. The lyrics are deep, but the beat’s kinda bland. A Loose Quarter drops November 23. To be continued?

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  • wow

    flames, beat is weak but verse was strong

  • Yacht

    You can say a lot of things about Joe Budden, but he raps circles around most your fav rappers.

  • Tronathon

    Wow wow verse was dope. Speakin on some real ish. Some things I can actually relate to too.

  • Derrt

    Dope Song, FADE OUT had me mad!

  • Slim Baller

    Joe budden picks weak beats real talk

  • zeee

    new drake?

  • wow

    nah, drake stole joes flow/style way back

  • New Drake?

    This rapper that has been around since before You Got Served Came Out is being a new Drake?? Or this song is like some new Drake? Either way, you’re comment was funny

  • Hotstuff25

    stop singing your own hooks…

  • Hotstuff25

    drake first mixtape was back in 2006

  • A

    Wow. Beat is dope. Whatever comes out of the Slaughterhouse camp has been dope recently. Keep it comin…

  • poetic assasin

    Joe been out since 2001, been singing before drake

  • Marv

    Best rapper in the World Wide Web and You can tell the World I said, follow me on twitter @MAB_203 I will follow back

  • villa

    Imagine Joe and Drake spittin verses one after another on this beat.Drizzy always kills this type of beats…. damn all y’all talkin that shit would be stay playing this repeat!

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    Joe, stop singing! It’s terrible
    So another song about your young hoe?
    come on


  • Soothing. Love when Joey is on his solo grind!

  • Emthegoat

    You can rly feel the eminem influence in joeys music . This guy is gonna blow up one day . Him n em need a few tracks

  • Derrt

    Joe was nice before he got with eminem. I personally think Eminem fucked up the Slaughterhouse Project. The first album was WAY better than their second.

  • this is great.. for those complaining.. mouse has been making tracks like this for years now.. personal and thoughtful….emotional … one of the greatest MC’s…… Padded Room was the issshhhhh so was Escape Route..

  • lmao drake ???

  • Thetruth

    This song is dope and lyrical as fuk, joe budden is da next tupac, this is real hip hop

  • Emthegoat

    Welcome to our house is a classic group album

  • Chad Biggz

    There was a pic of drake n joe in the studio. So maybe the song will be on the album in January. I think the track is dope. Joe is going rap about Joe. So if you don’t want to hear bout his young hoe or what’s going on wit him. He’s not for you

  • Luck

    Normally I’m not the demanding type…but I want part 2 right now dammit

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  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    who cant feel this

  • Missedgyc

    “but the beat’s kinda bland” WTF!!!!
    You guy writing this shit, should be fired right now. Clean your EARS! deaf man.
    Beewirks’ beat is pure dope, it perfectly matches Joe Budden lyrical genius.
    This song is great :))))

  • ***vomits profusely***smfh

  • he basically is doing his best to sound like drake, since drake has always said that joe was one of his biggest inspirations..and is actually a big joe budden fan..

  • lyrics is deep though..

  • dude needs to chill on the nasal shit, see padded room/mm3 voice compared to after halfway house..

  • JBell

    Joe has been around forever. He has always made stuff like this. There is no influence form anywhere but his life. People just don’t appreciate music like this. He does weak beats because he is worried about the message his verses have why try to drown out all that power with a beat. Its the lyrics that make hip hop not the beat thats where everyone got lost

  • WW
  • JReezy

    Dope as fuck.