New Music: Kanye West “White Dress”

Earlier this week, a snippet of this emerged on the ‘net. But here’s the full version off The Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack. Hopefully the movie is as good as these leaks. Film hits theaters November 2nd.


UPDATE: RZA releases an alternate (and better) version. Same lyrics, uptempo beat.

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  • Pride n Joy pt. 2

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  • Rozay

    This is a left over track, smooth though, RZA in the D today promoting this movie, one cool ass dude.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This joint is nice. Its sound like Kanye from “College Dropoout” days.

  • 74×74

    Ye’s blue period is over, no more bitter ass songs and dark fantasy shit. Dude might be…happy or some shit for the first time in forever. As it pertains to his music, I like the pissed off Ye better tho.

  • genius

    It ain’t a leftover, it was specifically made for the soundtrack of the man with the iron fists..

  • Bhill

    stop hatin, this shit is classic.

  • Rozay

    genius this song don’t have shit to do with the movie, might be on the soundtrack but doesn’t mean it was made especially for it, like the songs from boyz n the hood, Kanye and a song about him a broad has nothing to do with the title of this movie.

  • Kanye snapped on this…..

  • Da Business


  • Hands down, the best Kanye song I’ve heard since Devil in a new dress/Gorgeous. Actually, lyrically, this shit is better than that, this might be the toughest flow this nigga had in years. Serious shit mane!!!!

  • Black Shady

    who cares if it doesnt have anything to do with the album?
    maybe they’ll use it in the movie for a romantic scene or whatever. who cares anyway…its new music for us

    this is good

  • Cruel Thing

    Sounds like old school Yeezy

  • Ten Macaroni Necklaces

    this that late registration flow. DOWNLOAD!!

  • this better than Pride N joy, reminds me of Devil in a new dress,.. its kinda short but still classic Ye

  • Digital millionaire


  • Rozay

    Waiting on that new Kendrick though.

  • Ghost

    Best Kanye track in a while.

  • Loyalty

    I like this song! I Don’t think he’s talking about Kim Kardashian, I think he is talking about a female from his past if you really listen to the lyrics

  • big steve

    how the fuk you know this got nothin to do with the movie?? u seen it? cause it aint out yet so good try dumbaasss

  • shad

    Its on the tracklist so its on the ost..

  • Rozay

    Hey big Steve you are one illiterate sumbitch, the nigga is talking about him and some female, unless Lucy Liu is wearing Red Bottoms, it doesn’t have shit to do with the movie, I said the song was alright nigga, I hate you monkey ass niggas on here always trying to correct somebody, fuck off imbecile.

  • Isee

    Dope…What comes from the soul, is soulful.

  • King E

    Wow just when i Thought Late Registration Ye was gone,
    Ye surprises yet again.

    Good song, best Ye track in a while. #RealTalk

  • Lowkey

    It’s a leftover track from MBDTF session it’s been said many times already. Still dope tho

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  • Jaymalls

    Just what a nigga need in his life…

  • M.T

    this is dope. classic kanye

  • floridaboy


  • WoopN

    Late registration…… drop out……stfu. Regardless of what he makes you will all want his old shit. Just appreciate this as it is.

  • So glad to see “Old-School Kanye” back! I’ve Been waiting for this!

  • firiesport8

    “Old School Kanye”? Man Ye been doin his thing for a Minute now, if anything, he’s gotten Better.



  • SayItAin’tSo

    Yo! Now that’s a dope song!!!

  • shine

    to Rozay.. RZA told that they made this track for the scene in the movie and Kanye wrote that track for the movie specially. get your shit str8. btw track itself is FIRE!!

  • shine

    I hope Kanye and RZA connect again, RZA gave us hope.. Kanye’s 6th solo would be classic shit then

  • JReezy

    This type of Kanye track…this that shit I do like.

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  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic


  • Johnny

    Well 1st I would like proof that it’s a leftover off of MBDTF.

    Second, this song is east coast classic or just that feel. Forgive me for opinion, but will leave it open for debate. It reminded me of “selfish” KANYE. Like dude said earlier, back when he was snapping on everything. This is cold. “wearing flano all summer like kirko bangz”. This song is just nice all around.

    And for this song pertaining to the movie, who knows. But one thing I’ve learned so far is this, nothing can be accurately anticipated about this movie. I mean the movie just looks incredible. I never thought RZA could film something to this magnitude, if it’s what it looks to be. So for all those jumping to conclusions real quick people. Just sit back, drink some tea, and wait for what the movie brings.

  • Enurmas Ainus

    @Johnny – He doesn’t say flannel all summer like Kirko Bangz, it’s Kurt Cobain.

  • Johnny

    Haa ahh man that’s my bad. Gave it a 2nd listen. Yea you rt. Lol but it sounded like at 1st.

    And another thing I forgot to mention about the song. Reason why I felt it was so good and classic, was the production of the song. It is true classic KANYE sample production. Reminds me of the mixtape KANYE and consequence did together back in the day type shit.

  • Chill thrills

    Really the track lays it out for a artist to play it out,,,he story lined it,,,,can’t lose formula,,,,its cool,,,

  • hmm interesting Rza always working
    check this out yall

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    Damn way better me and the RZA connect. I’d slip this line in tho.

    You like pina coladas, getting caught in the rain
    Or rocking flannels all summer like Kurt Cobain
    Or that Dolce Gabbana with a few gold chains
    Me I stay on my Chicago Bull shit like Luol Deng.
    And you the type of girl that probably deserve a new last name

  • Poetic Assasin

    Wow, made this track 1000 times better

  • Tev

    Damn this is waayyyyyy better

  • Sounds like the classic Kanye we all used to feel. Lovin this one

  • Chronic

    Really?? All they did was take out the dude singing on the beat and they got rid of some chimes…other than that its literally the same song just better quality cause its on a different music player… its a good song, but y’all dick ride kanye way too hard.

  • steez


    You deaf?

  • Triple OG


    I swear I hate dudes like you, callin everybody a dickrider when they like something GTFOH

  • Itz Yourz

    I fucks with it. Its my early cruising music.

    Kanye is an evil genius! You gonna like it either way.

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  • Uri Nea Ndsemen

    This is more 808’s and Heartbreaks than College Dropout.