New Video: Tito Lopez “Options”

For the seventh installment of his Venting Session, Tito Lopez lets the cameras focus on his latest video. Dope shots, doper rhymes. There’s no other alternative but to watch.

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  • TrappedNthe90’s(hip-hop)

    This dude is being slept on so hard…The Hunger Games mixtape is FIYA!…Don’t understand why he ain’t getting a major push

  • JustMyOpinion

    I think the industry is sleeping on this kid.


    this is the definition of DOPE!!

  • BrutallyHonest

    Love Tito Lopez since hearing some of his music on myspace (when it was hot) & Hunger GAMES is an hip-hop purists collector’s item. The only mistake he did was signing to Capitol/EMI, which got sold to Universal Music. Meaning he’ll be dropped by the end of the yeah from there 🙁 SMDH !!!

  • westside

    @BrutallyHonest How the fuck do you know he’ll be dropped? He may just slide under Universal or whoever tf wants to call themself a “record label” nowadays. Any way it goes wat does that matter to u? THIS is why rap is trash cause all mf’s care bout is behind the scenes shit instead of the LYRICS. I went to homie’s show on Tour a couple months ago and I can guarantee that boy collects his real die hard fans. Label’s don’t matter anyway these days. People fuck with TITO and every underdog becomes a winner eventually. You sound like a lame homie. This nigga is the truth and even if he don’t have a deal Dr. Dre fuks with em, Sway, Dungon Family. He’s good. How about you?

  • Chronic

    Tito and cy-hi are the two most under-rated new school dudes out there. Both got rhymes for days and constantly get overlooked by dumbass club music.