New Music: The-Dream “AK47”

Bringing the machine gun funk is Terius with his new track off his upcoming re-release of 1977 on December 18. If shorty is anything like this, it should be kept off safety.


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  • IamRealTalk (These Bitches Luv RealTalk) “I CANT STOP LISTENING TO ROZAY’S VERSE OFF RESPECT ME….I GET THE CHILLS EVERYTIME!!”( i am the imposter)

    Cassidy – Diary Of A Hustler (Meek Mill Diss?) [Audio] RR dont save meek mill he gonnna get it

  • So The Weeknd releases his free online content for commercial release and now The Dream does it… Smh didn’t he say weeknd stole his style? But since when did Dream release any free music in his career then ton “re-release just like Abel did is pretty wack.

  • mac dIsel’s BOSS

    post the Cassidy diss he killed meek

  • kareem

    Maybe he’s copying Drake. He did it two-three years before both these niggas.

  • Ash Ketchum


    The Dream >The Weeknd

    Love Hate and 1977 >Everything the weeknd has ever put out.

  • tron

    Yo cass did NOT kill meek and I aint even a meek fan but that “diss” was trash. “im hot so im about to blow… volcanic eruption”????? really? his whole song is weak. Some of yall niggas need to get a life posting retarded shit like that for attention is some sad nigga shit foreal. skinny jeans, emotional blog and twitter posts and trolling the comment section of hip hop sites has got to go in 13′ foreal.


    Weeknd did steal The Dream’s style…sorry

  • Ya

    This is beyond dope.

  • bumpy johnson


  • Space Ghost

    The Weeknd isn’t all that special. I have previously listened to all of his mixtapes. He is not bad but he can’t really sing in any key that well. His sound is very one dimensional as well. The Dream is not a phenomenal singer either but he writes music that is very groove oriented and catchy as hell for himself as well as countless others. The Dream is a much better artist than The Weeknd in my opinion….BUT there us obviously room for both brothers to win.

  • the brain trust

    This is cold! The dream rarely disappoints.

  • This is trash. Dream has some real standout tracks but the weeknd is consistent. Anyways it ain’t a competition, just dream feelin insecure about new talent in the game