New Video: Wax “Toothbrush”

People tend to show their love in different ways. In Wax’s case, his main squeeze shows her commitment by leaving her toothbrush. The nerve. His forthcoming album Continue… is set to drop on January 13th, 2013.

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  • CabriniGreeny

    I won’t be buying the song but I feel him. “Take that ***** with you!”

  • Tommy

    how did this even make it on the site? hot garbage

  • DJ Game

    I don’t understand why this guy is relevant. Garbage.

  • TheCool

    ^^^Jajaja. They post a Ross song that sounds like the last 20 and ya’ll say that shit is hot. Gtfo.

    Wax makes chill music, and he’s a dope artist.

  • Eh, Aint feelin it

    Yeah…So…..WAX is definitely a great musician and MC, ive heard him kill plenty of tracks to know that. But im not feelin this one at all…..I dont get how RR doesnt post anythin about this dude, then when they do, they post one of his corny tracks. COMMON SON!

  • ECU

    AGREE 100%^