Rihanna Kicks Off 777 Tour In Mexico

To coincide with her 7th LP, Unapologetic next Monday, Rih is all over the globe for 7 shows, 7 days straight in 7 countries for the 777 tour. Last night, she drew the curtains in Mexico. Toronto is tonight.

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  • drethewaviest

    RI RI….is so hott right now…shes like fire….how can they compete…#RocNation

  • DoinTooMuch

    Ay YN or somebody, please post that new cassidy diss song that just came out. Dude went in on meek!

  • Winston Churchill

    Grown men calling Rihanna “Rih Rih”

  • Elliott, you are peculiar at times.

  • tucq

    What is interesting is that i’ve never heard of artists touring in Mexico…… if its not America, its Europe or Australia or Africa. Never Mexico

  • ClarkR

    why in the world would anyone care that elliot wilson tweeted “Rih Rih got hits, ya bish”

    why include that in this post?

  • the brain trust


    Lol word!