YN Returns To The Combat Jack Show

YN returned to The Combat Jack Show last night to celebrate their 100th episode. On this go ’round, the Yellow Nigga spoke on blog ranking lists, his new “The Truth” viral series and lots mo’.

Fabolous also swung by and spoke on life behind the scenes, fashion, being underrated as well as the Knicks and Nets. Below is what you missed.

UPDATE: Now with Yellow Nigga footage.

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  • Ken Rose

    Fucc this gay nigga Combat Jack. Son is a Fabolous groupie. Fucc the yellow nigga, too.

    S/O Premium Pete.

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    What the fuck happened to Fab?

  • LL Cool J

    Elliot, you ugly as fucc.

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  • mike

    Internets!!!!……Put Dallaspenn.com on the Blog Roll

  • Kobe

    I bet if RR was given the number one spot YN wouldn’t be saying all that lmao salty ass loser . You forget you own magazine ? C’mon

  • mike

    @YN, 1:36:11, you do a year-end (Disappointing, Best, Singles) List.

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    Elliott Wilson is a hard worker. I was a fan of his work in XXL & when he left the magazine, it fell apart. I canceled my subscription.

    I remember wondering what would happen to YN & if maybe he burned bridges with this EIC columns. I’m sure it was some humbling times, but I rocked with YN once this site started & watched it grow.

    There’s certain things I don’t like about the site, like it’s lack of articles, lack of connection to sports/hip hop, but in the end this is my fave site and I salute YN for pushing through.

    When you’re ready to hire the “LESTER BANGS” of hip hop aka me. Hit me on twitter YN

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    P.S. I used to have a room-mate who hated YN and hated that I always defended him lol

    YN getting this type of reaction , good or bad, means people are listening/reading.


  • zeee

    this my shit right here.

  • Kobe

    What Mike said!. At the end of the year, yall feel the need to make a list about whose album was good and whose wasn’t. Shit you still have LL Cool J in your fucking ypy section bashing him on his music. At least The Source ranked you #7 they didn’t leave you out. Had it been me…I’d make biased/dickriding blog list and put yall as #1. I still fux with this blog though I just don’t think yall are the best.YN mad cuz he expected all the Rozay and Jay-Z dickriding to be seen as good journalism lol foh.

  • Fabolous

    Combat is the worst. Can’t stand this fucking nigga.

    p0is0nedkoola fuck is you talking about B?

    is you elliot wilson’s boyfriend nigga?

    fuck outta here fuck boy

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    Elliot Wilson a.k.a. YN, love you bro, love your brand. You’re building a fucking empire. You’re taking over the magazine game. R.I.P. Source/XXL. The work you put in is incredible. You’re an inspiration my dude. Shutting down game my nigga.

    You’re laugh is fucking HORRENDOUS.

  • The Co-Signer

    Damn YN you gonna get heard…!!!!

    King of talking over niggas….crown him!!!

    And yes, the laugh is terrible…..good interview tho!

  • IamRealTalk (These Bitches Luv RealTalk) “Who Iz Deez NIggas… I Dont Know Dem ?!!?”




  • LikeJordan45

    Who keeps putting a microphone in front of Fabolous? If nobody cared when you dissed Drake…no one will ever care again my nigga.

  • CJF

    awesome, just blaze is the man, man!

  • LuxuryRap

    Who was Elliott talking about at the end? Londell McMillan or Kim Osario?

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  • Elliotsafaggg

    Hey guess what look at the authors on RR. I don’t see shit from YN. Keep that in mind. The list from my understanding was based on the site not you. Get over yourself dude. You mad, you salty, you’re old…. clocks ticking

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    Thanks to the dumbass that took my sn & pretended to be me smh
    I would NEVER use the word “nigga” in a tweet, comment or in my life


  • Great Advice in those interviews!!!