• @gtfomike

    dr. dre is a pussy

  • Ddude

    ^^^ and he isn’t thinking about you at all.

  • Kolli

    Post that cassidy shit already.. what is wrong with this site.

  • R

    Kendrick Lamar is a Dope Ass Recording Artist But he Sucks Big time at live concerts and shows he never sounds close to the original recorded song. You notice how they didnt show live footage right just the last 10 seconds lmao.

  • London

    Detox?right..Fuck dre.and fuck eminem ..that numb shit …terrible..dope beat trash lyrics.rihanna can’t fucking sing.

  • skrillz
  • skrillz

    cassidy murders meek and ya’ll cant post that?
    cmon elliot

  • ayo

    is this a gay bar?

  • R

    lmao just noticed only one bitch in the crowd and its probably a tranny.

  • realwickwickwack

    y all know he needs the green light from Ross

  • Regular Guy

    Dre looks like he’s having fun again. Glad he picked up Kendrick and continue his craaazy legendary run. One of the few that’s pushing the hip hop culture forward. Nothing but respect.

  • Marko-V

    Naw I saw that Stalley vlog and Dre strait played him when he asked for a beat. Lol yo all this industry bs is starting to seem redundant. I saw a minute of nothin here and now I’m leaving a comment to justify them wasting more of my future time. Lol finna go watch Bamboozled