• R & Beef

    Kaleidoscope Dream > Channel Orange.

  • Steve

    @R & Beef

    Trilogy >>>

  • Kemosabi

    Real shit.

  • K

    Channel Orange >

  • uptown

    Love Trilogy (dream) >>>

  • Steve


    I feel that

  • yeah that picture is really disproving all rumors

  • realitybitch

    its dope that he’s able to project himself the way he wants to rather then the generic version of what the labels want. Looking at the way the dude dresses now regardless if its questionable if that’s his style and it’s original, fuck it that’s him. Dude’s music is dope. Looking at the cover they were talking about dude did just look like a generic fuckin urban artist the first go round. be urself… fuck the bullshit they try to present your self.

  • dave

    Pink friday>>>

  • dave

    Nah but on the real

    Sailing Souls>>>>

  • ayyeee

    Lmao^^ nigga said pink friday but nah (neyo)R.E.D>>>

  • Jayman

    ^^^^Nah bro – Dave Matthews >>>>

  • That’s right

    Stepin Fetchit….can’t stop won’t stop