New Music: 360 “Hustler’s Withdrawl”

360’s back with new music and on his latest track, he finds himself struggling with his inner demons. Sounds as if there’s more than a fork on this road. New EP coming soon.

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  • E$co

    Solid material.

  • NYC

    Not bad. Not bad at all.

  • mad rapper your cousin sucks

  • lux

    This was some real shit! 3rd verse he went off

  • Trill Cosby

    I’m always impressed with dude he’s different. Got mad potential

  • Chris

    Dis is a good record

  • Great record

  • Dan Glover

    360 need to do a 360 into a casket
    seriously i press play on everything that gets posted, either everything sounds fuckin wack uninspiring, or i’m just getting too old for this shit…

  • Jive Turkey

    @Dan you couldn’t possibly listen to the record. Shit was real

  • Santa

    @Dan Glover

    lol @ 360 into a casket. how do you even do that lol

  • Okello Norbert

    Sumn’ great

  • That Guy

    @Dan must be hard of herding. This was good.