New Music: Mac Miller x Waka Flocka “Dog Pound”

Interesting breed. Says Mac:

if it was up to me, i would give you guys music every day for free…. just for the fuck of it. i wish you could hear everything. however, here is a jam that waka and i made at the crib. just some cool shit, it is music for the sake of creating. this isn’t on an album, it’s just a gift to show that we care.

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  • Jacob

    C’mon RR post that meek mill diss from Cassidy already, what kind of rap site won’t post about the biggest thing in rap happening right now

  • floridaboy

    dude if u heard it y u give a fuck.. hop off RR dick^
    ok song

  • @jacob u already know cassidy just tryna get some shyne (pun intended, and hes never gnna get it agin i dont think, its a shame dude actually busts the gun he speaks of and actually lived the shit he raps….when u real it dont sell, therefore it will not get posted on rr..

  • cassidy should go back to the battle scene for a bit nd just start merking these cats..

  • majormar


  • Un3rd

    surprised no one actually commented about this song its actually good for a waka feature they did surprisingly well together. Its funny that when mac puts out bad songs people comment with there hate but when he puts out nice shit like this were yall at?

  • popo

    waka sounds interesting on this kind of beats

  • oledude

    Why would this beat go to Wacka and the white Wiz khalifa?

    Producer should have gave this to Cudi