Game Jesus Piece Covers & Tracklist

Lord have mercy. This should get the game riled up. Album coming in December 11.

UPDATE: Game pays respects to his deceased brother for the standard edition via RU.

UPDATE 2: Titles via AmazonUK

The controversial artwork for my album is the DELUXE edition. Here’s is the standard album cover for #JesusPiece. It is a picture of my brother “Jevon Danell Taylor’s” obituary… In memorium to his murder in Compton May 21st 1995 due to gang violence. He was 20 years old.

I let my son write my name & the album title on it & in that moment I felt a connection between who I knew my brother to be when he was Harlem’s age & my son now. That moment was the closest my son will ever be to my brother & that alone is the reason I felt I should share it with you. #JesusPiece in-stores December 11th !!!!

1. Scared Now Ft. Meek Mill
2. Ali Bomaye Ft. 2 Chainz & Rick Ross
3. Jesus Piece Ft. Kanye West & Common
4. Pray Ft. J. Cole & JMSN
5. All That (Lady) Ft. Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Fabolous & Jeremih
6. Name Me King Ft. Pusha T
7. See No Evil Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Tank
8. Can’t Get Right Ft. K. Roosevelt
9. Heaven’s Arms
10. Hallelujah Ft. Jamie Foxx
11. Freedom Ft. Elijah Blake
12. Celebration Ft. Chris Brown, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa & Lil Wayne

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  • Slim Baller


  • lll


  • Black London

    This must be a joke…

    Big Homie, B.Dot, YN… whoever, please someone tell me this is a joke.

  • ZAZA

    dope cover

  • no-fuckery-allowed

    This is fuckery to the Max

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Damn game …

  • Donn


  • Gambino

    this dude doesn’t care who he pisses off anymore

  • ss

    wow thats actually offensive -_-

  • Slim Baller

    The song we heard, Celebration, is awful. So far we had a single that was awful and a cover that is awful for an album that seems rushed and conceptually lacking. #Truth not expecting much from this

  • Coroner

    I like it. Though it doesn’t really matter. The music is more important, I hope there ani’t gonna be wack features this time.

  • smh

    Well there goes the remains of what used to be my favorite rapper

  • hiphop

    WAAAAACK. Game took Bishop Lamont’s The Confessional cover concept. This is biting at its worst. Dame Game!

  • Slaughter

    Haha folk these days are too damn sensitive, Jesus may of been a blood, who knows hahaha

  • liquorstoreman


  • tucq

    Game has never made a wack album.

    He has the best catalog out of GUnit, including 50 Cent, and is one of the kings on the West Coast.

    I’m buying this.

  • Christian

    Game has been making Suspect to stay relevent when he never had too. That new song with Wiz Lil Wayne Tyga Chris Brown. I guess you can say he lost a fan.

  • 50dap

    worst cover of all time

  • King Chandler

    The fuck Chuck put Weezy on his album cover for…….ain’t this some shit.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    WTF!!! There is NO WAY this album cover is in stores. Who in there right mind would approve of this at the record label? FIF made Game now look at him.


  • Trash….Game is awful… gimmick ass ninja that will do anything for attention… Im done with that guy. I use to like GAME’s music… but every album got worst, from doing an A/B album first, a C album second and the last two were D’ F’s … Guess this one will be a G… Go Gangsta… get married and become an A&R… we continue to lose with our music, culture and way of life…… another sad day for black folks and hip hop.

  • Nathanial Hörnblowér

    Jesus was Jewish, fact. The Jewish Star of David is a 6 point blue star. Game can do whatever he want, it’s funny to me. Gangs & Religion are proof humans are imperfect. Religions are gangs, “The Crusaders” would mop the floor with any of these urban frats.

    Shit Game won, were talkin bout his album Ha! Damnit.

  • i’m a number 1 Game fan, but i just think he deserves the u played urself spot. And i also bet he’s gonna change this cover.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    40K First Week

  • Sandra

    WOW !!
    Jesus with a gang bandana, a chain of himself and 2 weed leafs on his side ????

    WOW so he’d scoop this low for attention is it that bad ?
    Like he was the best rapper around just a couple of years ago under 50 with the Documentary

  • Dreamchaser

    LMAO at Nathanial Hörnblowér what a Game dickrider

  • M.T

    haha its about to be some shit.

  • Jesus is a real Black Nigga

    These white racists from Vatican gonna sure bitchin’ and boycottin’ about this artwork. Finally someone portraying Jesus with Black skin.

  • King

    The Hate Game gets is just hilarious!! Cover is dope

  • SMH

    Game is a cornball, corny ass dude. Fucking delusional ass nigga. Thinking he’s real and shit, fuck outta here.

  • Evil

    Haha thats a funny cover right there.Go Game

  • tazz

    haters gonna hate


  • still best rite now!!

    Would you be less offended if it was the “classic” white Jesus depiction? Fkn sheeps

  • veesky

    The intriguing thing to me is the fact that we can assume it’s Jesus in the image, based on looking at the upper half of the face and of course the hair but the robes he’s wearing appear to be those of a Catholic priest, specifically a Cardinal. Curious way to depict Jesus IMO, but like most people said…I guess this is Game’s way to get people talking? *kanyeshrug*

  • bitchass

    another funky ass mixtape cover kanye style. add a lil bit of blood and a lil bit of god rozay style. drake had the best cover these last couple of years

  • the ripper

    @ tucq, you stated, “the Game never made a wack CD”… What fu&^ing planet r you really from???? Really!!! As for myself, I grew up in South Central Los Angeles and let me tell you…All the Game’s albums really suck… I said it!!! I cannot fathom anyone really digging this dude albums. The Game constantly name drops like a mutha which makes his albums lacks substance big time. Even the “Documentary” sucks big time because of the constant name dropping… You really need to clean out your ears and listen clearly to some real rap.

  • picky

    Games fucking around..he’s been known to make fake cheap looking a joke in twitter..I remember he made some wackass red album cover but later said he was joking

  • Black Shady

    this is so offensive smh

  • 412Tax

    Any dumba$$ that dont think this is offensive can get in a fatal car crash

  • Gaz

    Christianity has killed way more than the bloods, fuck you if your offended. Classic album cover.

  • tazz

    fuck you if youre offended

  • RD

    your fav can’t fuck with game lyrically #fact
    who cares what the cover is like

  • Akuma

    What exactly is offensive?? Motherfuckers catching feelings all of a sudden

  • hitsquad

    How can you niggas bitch and complain about game’s cover like 2pac’s makaveli cover was any better?

  • t

    NO fuck game this is not hip hop and is wrong most offensive cover art in awhile

  • hitsquad

    Yall would not say this shit to get game if yall were in front of him. He would prolly have 90% of you niggas shitting bricks

  • the brain trust

    Lmaooo at people saying ‘this is so offensive’. Fuck your feelings nigga.

    Btw, who is this mythical Jesus character you speak of?

    I look at the cover and all I see is a Middle Eastern man with long hair. *Shrugs*

  • Hannibal Lecture

    2Pac Makaveli cover had Pac on a cross. Nobody was screaming offensive. Nas and Diddy were nailed on a cross for Hate me now! The media got mad but the hood still loved it. Count how many hip hop album covers were offensive we can go for days.

    The cover is dope and Game did what he supposed to do: cause controversy. You uptight ass fags getting mad about an album cover. The music is what counts anyway.

  • I don’t think they will really use this, it will probably change.

    Not really looking forward to it as he keeps getting worse and after hearing that wack single with all those bubblegum rappers on it i have to laugh.

  • t

    notice how all mainsteam rappers have jesus peices

    jay-z’s crys blood

  • Reblogged this on The Music Business Revisionist and commented:
    My peoples! What do you guys think of this album cover? Awesome? Blasphemous? Ridiculous?

  • Your Father

    Niggaz flop when they mess with Jesus.
    Ask Mobb Deep about Blood Money’s number after that Pearly Gates shit.

  • Game is trying to troll everybody and judging by the comments, it’s working.

  • quese


  • Sportz

    He mentioned Wayne 8 times on RED and now he has him on the album cover. LOL.

  • Rozay

    Game does not fool me one bit, he is always doing something so that people will talk about him, this album cover is just another attempt to get some attention, this nigga shares my November 29th birthday and make me ashamed to admit it, you see Kendrick getting all this praise and his album coming out tommorow and it seems like he is a little jeolous even if he passed the torch along with Dre and Snoop on stage but I still think his ego won’t let him fully accept it hence why all these publicity stunts to get people talking about him, and guess what people ARE talking about him but I don’t know if it will translate into record sales, RED album was nice but didn’t sell anything and that last mistape was trash.

  • cness

    Game is a ignorant clown

  • Rozay

    damn I mispelled tomorrow and mixtape.

  • Kenny’s Dominos

    I know that wyclef ‘YPS’ is kinda new, but y’all might have to put this in there.

    Is that black Jesus with a perm and wearing a bandana and a gold chain with his own face on it… And is that a LOUIS VOUITTON patterned stain glass window. This a fuckery on another level.

  • lody Mack

    Fuck a cover and a track list. I not spending $ on it anyway…

  • sumit

    Only Thing Worse Is Seeing B.Dot Naked

  • Whaaat?

    Damn, someone said it but he’s biting Bishop Lamont – The Confessional album cover…Except Game went all BLASPHEMOUS on us!

  • This is laughable you’d have to take it seriously first to be offended by it … I mean the jesus on the cover is black for gods sake are there ppl in the world who actually argue that/make it a issue ?? why ? and then what ??.

    And its far far far from art, its actually silly … weed leaves, Louis V like prints, jesus wearing a chain of himself.

    lol is funny … comes across as trolling (doing something controvrsal to get attention, comments and traffic so to claim/prove relevence), but sadly enough for Game its Kendrick lamar who has everyones attention right now from the west and this wont help steal some of kendricks shine … this will be forgotn b4 the stores open tomorrow morning for kendricks release.

  • Los

    “The music is what counts anyway.”

    And that’s why he won’t go Gold again in his lifetime.

  • Los

    “Only Thing Worse Is Seeing B.Dot Naked”

    That’s not B.Dot, that’s Wyclef.

  • Tru Talk

    This won’t be out for another 2 years

  • Hip hop’s Ochocinco at it again, this nigga might as well ride a bull next, smdh…

  • Lethargic1

    This nigga is begging for controversy. The music will still be garbage so he’s trying to gain some media attention for this trash of a album cover.

  • DDD


  • .

    No, no, no…You guys got it wrong you see “Jesus” but it’s really “Jésus” pronounced Hey-Zeus Game just reppin for his Mexicali peeps lol

  • tucq

    @the ripper
    The name droppin never bothered me. It bothers a lot a people, but it never made me any difference.
    I like the beats and I like the rhymes, plain and simple. He’s creative. “Ricky”, “Hate it or Love it”, “Game’s Pain”, “One Night”, “Let’s Ride”, “LAX Files”, etc. ….I bumped all that shit.
    Not crazy about this new single he has, but I’m gonna bet the album won’t disappoint.

  • Har-magedon

    Forget the so-called religious connotations, the artwork screams ‘GARBAGE’ , pure and simple.

  • this guy is outta his fucking bird if he thinks an album with this kinda cover will sell..

  • tucq

    @the ripper
    The name drops never bothered me, though I know it does a lot of people. That just never affected how I accepted his music. To me its no more repetitive than any oher subject matter rappers have.

    None of Game’s albums are as good as his 1st, but I played all of them. I was impressed that he didn’t need Dr Dre to put an album together.

    What do u consider real rap? I’ve heard quite a bit, but maybe not what u may list.

  • wut


  • Pedro

    wack ass cover

  • Sudija



    Kendrick Lamar USED 2 BE jealous of this guy…”BLACK BOY FLY”

  • beaming


  • mike

    No way Interscope is going for that.

  • King Mathers


  • Brutally Honest

    I’m not to religous or anything, but this is completely disrespectful……..SMH

  • pienman

    the cover art is dope! i can’t wait for the album

  • fuckswag

    its funny how people talk like they really know what Jesus looked like .. lol

  • cheeeese

    BLASPHEMOUS….. somebody send this nigga to the looney-bin , they’ll give him all the attention he wants in there

  • pillow

    it was offensive when 2pac did it too, but you know where pac was when makaveli was released? he was dead, so the tragedy was already there, Game is alive & well, but thinks he’s NWA & 2pac resurrected; he looks like a bafoon

  • B.Dot

    ^other rappers did it, so it makes it right. Sheep.

  • ak up deez

    this shits dope niggas talking like he got jesus taking a dump on marys head its jesus wit a red flag an some jewels shut da fuck up ya niggas bitching like religion even real where da fucks god at

  • OhWORD

    lolll this nigga is about to have White America mad as hell, and you know niggas can’t have them mad

  • Beaming

    This is a dope cover if your offended your a sensitive little hoe

  • bill

  • floridaboy


  • madmaxxx

    lol this nigga game… smh

  • beaming

    Some sensitive mofo’s on here are offended lmao

  • jebus

    i like how he threw the 5 in on the bottom, dont think it will be as good as the red album but it will still be better than half the shit that was put of this year and its still better than than that wack ass wiz cover

  • lick da kat

    love this album cover!!!!!

  • lick da kat

    hip hop needs this.

  • Toni

    I love games music … not so much the LAX album but the rest.. and his shit before G-Unit was dope as fuck too.. but I cant stand this dude, the way he acts… but still I cant take it away he’s a dope ass rapper..

  • Fams

    If Kanye Would Have Dropped This Cover Yall Would Have Said How Intriguing It Is To You And How He Has The Artistic Mind Of A Genius But Since Its Game You Diss It. lol Sheep!

  • lick da kat


  • lick da kat

    2 ill

  • lick da kat

    maybe u just mad cause he keeps it a little too real 4 your taste huh?

  • lick da kat

    this ill like kemo

  • King

    @Fams co-sign….these motherfuckers are just hating because its Game

  • lick da kat


  • Schonb8rg

    The designer of this cover art is an idiot,if not he would’ve known a black jesus wouldnt have those long curly hair


    Great cover!!!

  • tazz

    wow nice

  • dgdgdsg

    Jesus would have actually been black…. Why would someone from that part of the world, 2,000 years ago, be white?

  • yeah

    the cover is dope, but i still dont think it will make me listen to games music. i see everybody tight hahahaha. just last week yall loved game. niggaz mad at this cover but listen to odd future music, yall some backwardss ass bitches

  • Loling

    lol @ anyone who is offended. So i guess you should riot like the muslims who did over that terrible youtube video huh

  • floridaboy


  • chit woods

    (Produced by Kanye West, co. No I.D., co. Jeff Bhasker)
    7. Celebration feat. Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga & Wiz Khalifa (Produced by SAP, co. Cool & Dre)
    8. Confessional (skit)
    9. Feel My Pain (Produced by Cool & Dre)
    10. Mad Men (Produced by Dr. Dre, co. Mark Batson)
    11. Alive feat. John Legend (Produced by Pharrell Williams)
    12. Violent feat. Scarface (Produced by Mike Dean, co. Kanye West, co. Jeff Bhasker)
    13. Soundtrack to Chaos (Produced by Dr. Dre)
    14. Never Afraid feat. Rihanna (Produced by Hit-Boy)
    15. No Future (Produced by 1500 or Nothin’)
    16. HVN4AGNGSTA feat. Master P (Produced by DJ Premier)
    17. Testify (Produced by Kanye West, co. No I.D., co. Jeff Bhasker)

    Deluxe Edition
    18. Reflection (Produced by 1500 or Nothin’)
    19. I Remember feat. Young Jeezy & Future (Produced by Yung Ladd, add. Marz of Eardrummers, add. The Twilite Tone)

    iTunes Deluxe
    20. Ghetto Chronicle feat. Jamie Foxx (Produced by Rico Love)
    21. Not Gonna Leave feat. Chrisette Michele (Produced by Cool & Dre)

    Target Deluxe
    22. Top of the World feat. J. Cole (Produced by No I.D.)

  • chit woods

    1. Jesus Piece feat. Kanye West & Common (Produced by Kanye West)
    2. Survival Skills (Produced by The Neptunes)
    3. Bad Intentions feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross (Produced by Cool & Dre)
    4. Cheat on You feat. Adam Levine (Produced by Boi-1da, co. Arthur McArthur, co. Matthew Burnett)
    5. Commitment feat. Nas (Produced by No I.D.)
    6. Street Dreams (Produced by Kanye West, co. No I.D., co. Jeff Bhasker)
    7. Celebration feat. Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Tyga & Wiz Khalifa (Produced by SAP, co. Cool & Dre)
    8. Confessional (skit)
    9. Feel My Pain (Produced by Cool & Dre)
    10. Mad Men (Produced by Dr. Dre, co. Mark Batson)
    11. Alive feat. John Legend (Produced by Pharrell Williams)
    12. Violent feat. Scarface (Produced by Mike Dean, co. Kanye West, co. Jeff Bhasker)
    13. Soundtrack to Chaos (Produced by Dr. Dre)
    14. Never Afraid feat. Rihanna (Produced by Hit-Boy)
    15. No Future (Produced by 1500 or Nothin’)
    16. HVN4AGNGSTA feat. Master P (Produced by DJ Premier)
    17. Testify (Produced by Kanye West, co. No I.D., co. Jeff Bhasker)

    Deluxe Edition
    18. Reflection (Produced by 1500 or Nothin’)
    19. I Remember feat. Young Jeezy & Future (Produced by Yung Ladd, add. Marz of Eardrummers, add. The Twilite Tone)

    iTunes Deluxe
    20. Ghetto Chronicle feat. Jamie Foxx (Produced by Rico Love)
    21. Not Gonna Leave feat. Chrisette Michele (Produced by Cool & Dre)

    Target Deluxe
    22. Top of the World feat. J. Cole (Produced by No I.D.)

  • #1Ymcmb

    Game the best WC rapper that ever lived yes… better then pac to me Je5us piece

  • BW$ MoneyGang

    Cant waittt dec11 lets leggooo

  • Joe

    Game time

  • #RTAffiliate

    Offended??? Where were all you butt hurt critics when 2Pac dropped “Macaveli”?? Or how about when the Clipse dropped their first album “Lord Willin” with a black Jesus ridin in the back of their ride?? It’s the music that matters and cover ART is just that in it’s own, “ART”! SMH, most of you haterz must be foreign to museums because there are PLENTY of world renowned artists that have painted MUCH MORE GRAPHIC pieces for the world to see every Wednesday for free.

  • caliking

    So you listen to music about guns, sex, drugs, stealing, killing, but you think this cover is offensive? GTFO

    PS Celebration was a trick so he can get mad radio play, song plays on the radio all the time I personally dont like the song but you gotta make the right moves. we shall see when the album drops if its dope, every album hes dropped has been dope.

  • Unreal. You have to exploit Jesus to get attention. Your pathetic.

  • MOneybags

    How is this offensive, no man on earth knows what Jesus looks like, this image is an imaginary character bruh

  • HK


  • lick da kat

    i love it

  • lick da kat

    loooove it!!! cant wait 4 em

  • King

    Can’t wait plus “Dead People” is an iTunes bonus which is prod. by Dr. Dre

  • goddamn mufuckas aint even heard the album yet….

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    Wtf… Wayyyyyy too many uncalled for/irrelevant features! Idk about this… I might have to check this out first before I decide to buy this without listening to it first. ~_~ C’mon Game, get your $#!+ together bro!

  • floridaboy

    @ chit woods wow u aint even gt one smh
    game always gt alot of features..

  • Scott

    Damnnn only 12 tracks, what’s up wit that, whatever it’s guna be hotttttttttttt no matter what. And every comment on here are a bunch of pussy bitch ass haters man, fuck that shit!!!

  • Black Shady

    12 songs…..just 1 by himself? lol

  • LDN12

    Game never made a wack album for all u bandwagon 50 cent fans

  • Holden Astor

    The whole GOOD Music on that album!

  • Ash Ketchum

    “I will have no features on my next album and I’m not gonna name drop”

    Next album has 21 features with 12 tracks LMAO

  • Truth61

    OK OK I see Game still needs everyone’s help for his Mixtapes still.

  • A

    Dissapointing…GAME used to be my favorite artist. I don’t think this album is even coming out.

  • wdd

    12 tracks , 20 features!!
    I remember the video I saw after releasing RED he was saying his fifth album will be called soundtrack to chaos with ZERO features… I wish he did that instead… This must be a sick joke.
    All he needs is 1 song with 50 cent (I’m just dreaming) , 1 song with wayne and 1 song with a feature of a hot new artist so he can sell more CDs but thats it
    Game does not need all those features… It’s a waste of money… It’s obvious he just wanted off of interscope. I can see him signing with cash money in january.

  • RR Cool J

    Hahaha funniest tracklisting ever. Looks like a compilation album. Some dope names on there but damn

  • Tev

    So many damn features wtf game

  • Kenny’s Dominos


  • Boetje

    Game Time!!!!! Amsterdam !!!!!

  • jay

    Only one song without a feature wack

  • kayandgee

    i like features i get bored with just one artist all the way

  • Rimoslav

    It ain’t about album cover! WTF happened to him?! Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Kendrick Lamar, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Meek Mill, Fabolous, Jeremih… Is there anybody normal on this album?! These are all the worst names in hip hop on one place!
    On L.A.X. he had DMX, Ice Cube, Raekwon, Ludacris, Nas…

    PLUS the album cover is daaaamn offensive! If you want to be controversial, put some pedophile images with little babes! See how far that one goes!


  • Black Hank Moody

    how is niggas callin this wack?….YALL HAVENT EVEN HEARD IT…i can tell you for a FACT that this album will be incredible..and im not even a Game fan…

  • LostSoul

    I already know what people of AmazonUK think of the album

  • #honesty

    All if you are like wack!! So many features!! Have you not been following this??? There’s a reason for the features read up nigga!

  • JWhistles

    OMG a gangsta Jesus image… you people offended are a bunch of bitches. You listen to hip hop and a picture of Jesus offends you? Thats funny.

    Bet everyone offended gives it a listen though. Thats the funniest part of it all.

  • WestCoast

    Wtf trashhhhhh this mixtape Ft Ft……………………Ft ..

  • Mattyboy

    I actually wanted this album but really every song has a feature? WTH

  • King

    for the one bitching about the features just calm down french, jamie, 2chainz, kendrick and many more they all just have minor parts on the album not verses!!

  • lick da kat

    love 2 da max

  • Greezy

    Have a really good feeling about this album. Track list looks promising

  • Converse

    Why are you religous nuts listening to rap anyway….go listen to gospel pussies?! Dope cover ima cop for sure

  • CJF

    1 song by himself …..

  • Chronic

    I think this album needs more features

  • Mad

    this a album or compilation..the fuck?! Only 1 song solo

  • Kermikaze

    WoW, every song has a feature except one

  • George Soros

    Lol @ game trying to copy kendricks album cover.

    This track list looks more like a soundtrack. What happened with holding your own weight? I ain’t buying this shit.

  • Mike Jones


  • Gooomba

    But his Jesus piece got a Jesus piece.

  • trae

    This nigga tryna be DJKhalid lol

  • Tru Talk

    Can Game make more then one song where its just him??? why he need everyone else to make hip hot. This isn’t even a game album, its a collaboration album… GAME AND OTHER ARTISTS JESUS PIECE ALBUM COMINS SOON lol

  • Gambino

    12 tracks?

  • mike

    Should’ve named the album “Jesus, that’s a lot of features”.

  • g


  • all mother

    Game ft Planet Earth

  • Jtsc

    Compilation album

  • nick

    he needs to decide whether he wants to be called “Game” or “The Game”. small detail the inconsistency is getting a little out of hand

  • narcotik

    Game’s last two albums were terrible……last good disc was doctors’s advocate…..he better get back with dre or his career will b over with the garbage beats he had on his last two projects

  • g

    just listened 2 this on itunes, and it just might be another classic

  • g

    nice like a good pair of titties

  • Drew Who

    kendrick must have inspired this nigga

  • g

    shits dope like halfa brick

  • Cameorn

    This line up looks CRAZZZZY. can’t wait for GAME’s new album

  • Lil Bitch

    The features.

  • the truth

    looks like lil wayne on that wack cover

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