Joey Bada$$ First Paris Performance

Joey Bada$$ ventured overseas and performed for a sold-out crowd Thursday at La Bellevilloise. Here’s what US Rap News caught during the Brooklyn rapper’s very first show in the City of Lights.

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  • pat

    my friend was there he told me that was the worst show he’s been to. Joey was apparently stoned and after 20 minutes he didn’t have any voice left. His boy CJ Fly actually did a better job… Needs to be trained by professionals….

  • dave

    i always found it funny how other countries know all our artists even the up and coming ones but us in america could give a shit bout theres unless they really popular lol.i like this kid tho cool music.

  • Theo

    You’re right man, i’m from french and i love american rap, but there are some good rappers in France tho, go listen to Booba, Guizmo

  • Theo

    france* sorry

  • @dave because other countries open their ears to everybody we just love the popular flash in the pan or the older head who don’t want to give the up and coming props or even a beat or shout out.