• JustMyOpinion

    Nice. Chi Ali still got rhymes.

  • Kim E

    No game im gone

  • T

    Nice, was about time Joe dropped another dope track after all the crap he’s been putting out.

  • Glad Chi got out.This beat is crazy.Hook is right too.I wonder who did the beat?Damn Chi got flows still.Nice

  • ODC

    The producer’s nice. That’s all.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    That 90’s ish.

  • Devante

    Wow didnt really expect Chi Ali verse to be that nice..

  • prime dawg

    great track man!

  • Yaaaauuuppp

    Have mercy the track is fire..

  • PHC

    producer is Showbiz (Diggin In The Crates), not “Statik Selktah” according to the twitter of Statik Selektah.

  • bzeek

    knocked his sister baby dad off over 300$ and back lol the streets are very forgiving that dude must dont got no fam i woulda been knocked his top off

  • Joshua

    9th did a better job with Skyzoo’s “Dear Whoever” 3 years ago.