• G.O.O.D.BoySwag

    Which somebody else was on this beat


    this nigga always have dope albums cant front….. this track amazin

  • tazzManiac

    dope dope dope dope dope dope 😀

  • lyricallyinclined88

    whoaaaa this beat is fire… Lyrics are blasphemous tho.

  • floridaboy

    3 new songs…. nice!

  • MrDope

    What a beat. Dope.

  • Julian

    This track and Holy Water should be included on Jesus Piece which would help the concept of the album. I don’t know how the official tracklist is going to play out. 2 many features, but Game never dissapoints with his albums.

  • Kemosabi

    Fuck it this should definitly be a blackout on the RR site.

  • Brick S

    This nigga Game made me into a big fan i use 2tlk shit lol

  • Rozay

    Dope beat, song is blasphemous, bootleg Kanye on the hook, also Game shouldn’t be bragging about not paying Wayne for features, what’s understood doesn’t have to be explained, instead he should count his blessings, pun intended, overall nice track.

  • Kali

    shit’s hot

  • Game better not give away all the dope songs and give us wack ones on the album cos this shit right here is tight

  • prime dawg

    great music!!!! except for ”i remember” game been droppin straight heat!

  • SayItLikeItIs

    Shit was dope until Game came on the track, Love that beat and the hook but didn’t like Games parts.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This track is trash. I remember the days when Curtis Jackson made Game hot now look at him just awful.

  • the truth

    dope. and this beat GOES!

  • KidO


  • dll32

    Waiting for the remixes !


    Bro this sick af more2 come love sundays….GAME’S THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!… SHIT THE BEST EVER!! hI HATERZ

  • Jenn


  • TaylorBeez


  • G-unit come back!


  • T raw


  • Iran The Race

    @ B.DOT

    There’s nothing blasphemous about another black man claiming to wanna be ” a young black Jesus”. The fact is, Jesus is a BLACK MAN!

    If anything, “white Jesus” is blasphemous and ahistorical.

  • Iran The Race

    oh yea the songs dope!

  • this nigga knows how to pick beats

  • Dumb niggas these days

    This song is not blasphemous
    Rappers proclaim to be scarface or John gotti and Al capone
    These are people that destroyed lives (fictional or not)
    Why can’t someone come out and say they’re the next jesus


  • Jess

    Hot..He always gets a shit load of Replys for anything strong fan base chuck this shit jus came out lol

  • g


  • G-unit come back!

    Wat about at 11am

  • TDE

    Nigga Cole & K. dot wud destroy this beat!remix this shit asap

  • GamesWorld

    Je5us Piece Dec 11..his albums are all dope 3out of4 are classic lets hope 4classics

  • JustMyOpinion

    Smooth. Why son on the hook sound like Jay…that’s crazy.

  • Johnny

    Yeah that beat is amazing but the guy on the hook is a lame.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    The guy on the hook sounds like French Montana.

  • .redruM


  • King Mathers

    Ripped off Marshall’s “Business”

  • tucq

    GOTDAMN that shit go

  • Q

    “The new HOV the new BIG the new PAC i need 3 spots”

  • Black Shady

    11pm will be a 2pm since game’s on L.A time…….

    shit is dope

  • Booby Boi

    dat fuck boi game is gona rot in hell

  • Rfhgfdddhgfgfvcxfgcdyjhgfcsdghvghjhvc


  • Kim E

    I like

  • Ddude

    @Booby Boi
    “dat fuck boi game is gona rot in hell”

    I can’t remember which comedian said it when he was telling God jokes, but to paraphrase, why do christian’s gotta make God out to be some really stuck up and up tight God. He probably laughing along right now.

    Game made a song, boo fucking ha…. Jesus probably nodding his head along….

  • its the roc


    I’d say those riffs are more Kanye-inspired. This whole record is Kanye-inspired.This whole campaign is Kanye-inspired. Sounds like Game heard Ye’s verse on New God Flow and out came this Sunday Service campaign. Nothing wrong with being inspired. But he definitely has Yeezy to thank.

  • .redruM

    @Booby stfu

  • its the roc

    The record is real ill though, all things aside. I would buy this.

  • young back rapfan

    fresh out of church and this is what I come home to? I actually dig it.” Chillin with my apostles”, haha Game is doing a great job. by the way, thats Dre of Cool & Dre on the hook. Lord have mercy , that best was nice.

  • Im white

    Game on sum other shit he got a 1000 Styles dope amen was dope to and pop that

  • young back rapfan


  • ODC

    Shout out to the producer. That’s about all for this song.

    I see ins stylish lately for rappers to be blasphemous.

    To “hell” with you, Game. Blasphemer.

  • cazziaz


  • young back rapfan

    Beat*, & @ its the roc, agreed. I heard no drake inspiration throughout the song. Game and.Dre (of cool and dre) did Jesus proud on this. Good to hear his name in an uplifted manner!

  • Shyne po suckz

    I think Game gna be the new Jay but he still young so will see

  • Jess

    Dope af ima play this wit my new dre beats ahaha suck for u poor niggas

  • Evil

    The hook is wack.Games flow is nice and so is the beat.Game has released fire in the last few weeks.Too bad they wont be on the album,hope it doesnt disappoint like red

  • Doper


  • Gkmc was trash

    Hope this album gna be dope i like wat im hearing frm this kat

  • you

    Niggas don’t even care about blasphemy anymore…fuck it Satan was an angel right! God bless you niggas.

  • Kim E


  • Gamer blk

    Holywater dope af this is dope af did i miss a sunday yall help me out

  • london

    fucking nice beat trash lyrics

  • Hannibal Lecture

    Hey ZoomZoom you mad cause G-Unit is the past and Game lasted. What is Lloyd Bankrupt doing? He can’t even get a release date for his mixtape. JESUS Piece BITCH!

  • Cemal


    It’s eddie griffin. He made many jokes bout god and jesus in that standup and he raised some interesting points. I agree with it.

  • str8 trakk bro

  • what a waste of a great beat..

  • This is the side I like from Game, I’m actually excited right now for the release, I hope he’s not giving out all the good tracks and give us a trash album though..
    Fuck off with that religion shit, everyone has their opinion but I can’t understand what makes people believe such things have existed.


    Celebration Remix is better than all of the tracks he’s released for his Sunday Service, this isn’t that bad tho

  • Ben10

    Fuck you Game! You are fake niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  • Lowe

    White Jesus > Black Jesus

  • This track is mean.Game cam through w/ this.Beat is fire.I think kanye should do this hook.it sounds like some Kanye shit.

  • Citylivin’

    co-sign @ODC…to hell with the song, dope beat tho…the producer should’ve gave it to Nas. *Yeezy shrug*


    I swear Game is the only nigga who has USED EVERYBODY’S FLOWS….and got AWAY WITH IT. I likes this tho

  • Mighty One

    black jesus

  • Mighty One

    Jesus Piece in stores Dec. 11th bitches

  • Fuck Your Opinion

    Cole should be on this beat.

  • IamRealTalk – *MKW* – THESE BLOGGERS CANT HOLD US BACK !! (*NP: Skyzoo – Rage of Romello *)


  • BlackDivine

    this shit is dope,
    kanye sounding a bit,but fuck it,still dope
    yup,black jesus aka original man aka god’s blueprint in the original(african) DNA

  • Nts

    Brilliant beat

  • he should have kept this for a single the join sounds nice.

  • zezzoi

    Game needs to rework that Jesus Piece tracklist. Too many features, the dude can’t make an album on his own? He needs every rapper in the game to have a verse on it? Holy Water+This track is hot, why not have them on the album?

  • Chronic

    “Can’t leave rapper alone the game needs it”

    This hating motherfucker stole that line from eminem

  • ayyeee

    Rap Radar having a slow day…

  • Black Shady

    WHERE IS PT 2 ?

  • hjater

    wow this is good

  • dave

    im really liking this whole church concept..this song is dope so west coast.

  • Rude Boy

    Wack. Game steals everybodys style and copy it, bipolar hip hop groupie smh

  • hiphopfan721

    Game not only jacked bishop lamonts cover idea but he is jacking Kanye’s promotion style with the red and black artwork for his singles. Too much name dropping and biting.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    dope beat, sounds like games not rapping as aggressive as usual on this album tho

    and how is this drake inspired?

  • unknown

    check out this guy

    you won’t be disappointed

    I promise


  • JMillionaire