LL Cool J Authentic Hip Hop Cover & Tracklist

LL hangs his flag for the rap pioneers on the front display of his 14th album, Authentic Hip Hop. Set for a

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  • @Artise1

    We might be a little long in the tooth, but we still rock in the booth.

  • If this moves more then 10 k first week ill br suprised !! This guys nusic is ridiculous now !

  • Cant wait. this will e worth my money..

  • BaldheadNiguhincharge

    GHOOD MUSIC>>> BALDHEAD N.U.T. – 4eva (prod. by Vybe beatz) <<<GOOGLE IT

  • Oz

    authentic rap minus the good rap

  • HDTV

    I just can’t do it because I want my memory of ll to be mama said knock you out, mr. Smith, g.o.a.t, radio, or phenomenon. Not this i can’t do it

  • HDTV

    It’s sad too because he is a monster on the mic when he’s pissed. Don’t believe me ? Look up the ripper strikes back. Yeh he can eat your favorite rapper alive. But ll is a calm dude he’s like Bruce banner

  • Carlito R

    Funny I just recently heard another one of L’s classic called ILL BOMB which appeared on a Funkmaster Flex Album. I was Damn can you image L dropping a record like that again…..in 2012. He bodied that record!!!!! Please check it out if you forgot which record I’m talking about. YN knows what Im talking about.

  • County Of Kings

    @carlito that drop a bomb on em record was soooooooo tough. its def in the ll catalog in the ipod. cant be putting alot of LL in my catalog but its in there

  • Nice cover. Much respect to a living legend.

  • Curtis75Black

    2 features !! Not bad for a vet !! The names of these songs got
    me on edge but its not the first time with LL. Exit 13 was tight work regardless of the few missteps. We’ll see…We’ll See !!