• prime dawg

    come on, it aint even fair…game is killin the game right now

  • blv


  • Un3rd

    God damn this is crazy 3 songs 1 day and they all crazy

  • HDTV

    I got chills. Like the first time I heard doctors advocate

  • Trillionaire

    Lol…its straight but he rapping like Kanye…this nigga Game is funny

  • Fresh

    game is on a role.. damn. i’ma 50 cent fan, but 50 cant touch game musically right now. next time i’ll hear fifty on the radio talking smack about game’s music nowadays, i will switch the station. i think reuniting with game could be the best thing for fifty

  • nelson

    jesus piece will be album of year


    lol yeah i like this but he straight rappin like kanye


  • dll32


    great track!

  • poetic assasin

    Well it is a Kanye inspired album

  • Jayz

    Gave me Goosebumps,album of da year fo sure


    He really going in on the concept hey, might turn out to be a very good album this.

  • cazziaz

    game killin shit

  • It’s the roc

    This is just a question, not a statement, so don’t kill me for it, but if you took the best 5 kdot songs from gkmc, would they be a better 5 than the ones game is currently banging (celebration remix, holy water, black jesus, hvn4agngsta, hallelujah)? B.dot feel free to chime in.

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  • king

    is it me or is game rapping like kanye

  • AyBaybay

    Dope as hell lol jesus piece prolly aoty

  • Angelo

    I’m a big Jake One fan…but this is just like that 3 Kings joint…Nothing Special. Is anybody really excited for another Jayceon & Friends album?

  • Reading these comments…glad to see it wasn’t just me thinking he sounded a lot like Yeezy. This track is dope but all I hear is Kanye with Game’s voice haha

  • Throne

    Lmao Game is the champion flow stealer, I can’t feel it. First he was riding the Meek flow, Asap Rocky then Drakes shit, now Kanye. He didn’t even try to do it low key this time

  • IamRealTalk (These Bitches Luv RealTalk) “I CANT STOP LISTENING TO ROZAY’S VERSE OFF RESPECT ME….I GET THE CHILLS EVERYTIME!!”( i am the imposter)

    dont wanna flop? sound like kanye haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • 2pac

    he sounds betta! compare 2 kanye……..

  • HDTV

    @angelo yes everyone is excited for this don’t believe me? Look at the number of comments his post get then look at everyone else’s. look at how much his mix tapes get downloaded. Everyone checks for him even the haters

  • DMVinyourchick

    Oh he learned the shit out kanye flow and his mannurisms even the hook sound like something kanye would do, song is dope though,

  • DMVinyourchick

    God damn this nigga so wild I gotta post again this smooth sound like text wrote it, like te lyrics are pretty fuckin intricate he didn’t just jack the flow

  • Gucci Mane


  • Mike Johnson

    When will these haters realize that the name alone “The Game” is a concept by itself?
    Instead of calling him a flow stealer or a dickrider you should realize there is no “rapper” in this game that loves hiphop more than “The Game”. That’s why he’s called “The Game”. So for him not to namedrop or showoff he masters every one’s flow wouldnt even make sense…. He is the most loyal MC in the game.

    Just look at his last album “The R.E.D. Album”… Many would say: “It’s all over the place” or “No concept at all” or “Too many features”. That’s bullshit. The R.E.D. album was a great concept album if you would understand it. R.E.D. was completely about paying homage to HIPHOP. Showing that he could compete with every big name in the game, taking their flows and still killin them on their own shit.

    If you haters could name me 1 MC that outshined Game on his own albums, I would tip my hat to you. Shit…. Even Nas got killed on “Letter To The King” on L.A.X. And thats no disrespect cause Nas to me, is THE #1 MC to ever touch this planet. Just facts…

    And last but not least… Besides Kanye, Game is probably the most consistant artist in the game.

    ps. Just heard the snippets of Jesus Piece. Shit sounds pretty f*ckin amazin.


  • This shit sounds hot.game’s album will be crazy.All the songs he dropped been fire and yeah I like how he’s sticking to this concept.Thumbs up.I wonder who the girl singing is?She can sing.

  • CJF

    Mike Johnson – kendrick killed him on ‘the city’ …. jus sayin

    i hope game stays on the jesus concept cus itll result in a good album, i think

    i like some changes in his voice, but this didnt work too well ..

    also, no Dre name drops any more, all about wayne, thirsty for that YMCMB deal

    game shouts every1 out but never gets any in return, tough love maaaan

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    He sound like J.Cole mixed with Kanye West… ~_~

  • Hahalol


  • Devante

    Why he sound like Ross?

  • Ash Ketchum

    @ Mike Johnson you are the biggest DICK-RIDER I have never seen anyone on this website ride a rappers nuts like that.Did you analyze The Game’s name to justify why he STEALS OTHER RAPPER FLOWS.C’mon Son!!

    By the way Kendrick Lamar CRUCIFIED game on the “the city”.Game is the undisputed champion of flow stealing.

  • Name That Flow

    @Throne i was gonna post the same thing. Good beats/Concept but i guess he thinks you know who’ll sound good on this…fill in the blank.smh

  • Del

    OK, so all I can hear is Game doing his best Kanye circa Graduation impression… anybody hear that?

  • Corporate Man!!!

    Only listened once but it sound like the devil making a gospel song. Game did you sell your soul to the devil? This song would kill my vibe. But he does have flow.

  • floridaboy

    yall sum bandwagon fans. hatin on game a week ago nd now yall on his dick…

  • Mike Johnson

    @ Ash (CUM)Katcher:

    You haters make me laugh….. really. LOL

    Has nothing to do with “analyzin”. Just common sense.
    Now crawl back on yo daddy’s lap you lil fuckboy.

    Ps. Dont forget to keep your mouth open while you’re steady busy Catchin Cum (Cum)Katcher.

  • darrell lee

    I guess but songs mocking religion makes me cringe.

  • broxk

    lmao it’s hot but he jackin kanye style

  • Donn

    I didn’t hear him rap about anything. If ur gonna mock religion then justify it. Talking about running through bitches while a choir sings in the background. Just ignorance

  • Joe Nasty

    i liked it the first time when it was called “Amen” by Meek Mill

  • yesken

    Game is one of the most consistent rappers out there.

    The songs which he started off with holy water easily kill most of the songs out there on ALBUMS!

    Keep the good music up

  • yesken

    @MikeJohnson katchcum made me laugh! hahaha

    @Ash Ketchum your comments make no sense… really you say Nothing. stop hatin all day long

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  • A$VP J-MAC

    wow where all these game “fans” come from?.. O.o

  • touchNwho

    Halle-motherfucking-lujah??? why did jamie foxx agree to be apart of this?…SMH

  • WORD!

    this shit sound like drake,kanye, meek and ross rolled into one wack ass blasphemous song, nowadays niggas respect the one who’s shot not the shooter.

  • Hannibal Lecture

    3 of the top 5 posts . Jesus Piece BITCH!

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  • TruthBeTold

    You all did know the album was inspired by Kanye right ? & you all know that Ye has written a few of the songs on the album right ? Ok good. Anyway this album is sounding like a solid project so far. I’m thinking Game might deliver with this one.

  • Truth

    ummm … 1. it’s ok. not great. 2. game is the BIGGEST chameleon/charactor-actor in the game. He can take on your persona and rap like other rappers, sound like them etc. Not sure why he keeps doing that. He did that all through the last album … and now he is rapping like a mixture of Kanye and J. Cole … like c’mon!

  • Truth

    OH … and this is not envelop-pushing. It’s straight ass blasphemous. But who am I to judge …

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  • FreshR

    Best rapper alive

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  • The Documentary

    Game is a quintessential emcee, P was so right this dude is the truth in hiphop. LOOK no one has ever studyed the rap game, like Game has im a new fan hes really Dope like Really fukin dope JE5usPiECE dec 11 best rapper alive

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  • Detox?no one cares


  • Original Ty

    Seems like dudes are just trippin’ all over each other to be the next one to blaspheme on a track….. I guess that’s what’s hot now. ….? Or like Meek showed it’s a quick way to get a whole lot of publicity ….

  • Del

    LOL at niggaz trying to justify Game taking other niggaz styles… that’s why he’s called “the game”, it’s Kanye inspired, yadayadayada… it’s called biting, that’s some sucker MC shit

  • FreshR


  • tito

    yoo game west costttttt

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  • unknown

    check out this guy

    you won’t be disappointed

    I promise


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  • Cane

    Dammn he get the most replys all the time time save some for the others game lol

  • Detox?no one cares

    Cant sleep this is so dope De11 come already i get it at 12am aha