New Music: Wiz Khalifa x Juicy J “Gone”

If you’re looking for money, weed and drinks, Wiz and Juicy J leave none for ya on today’s free music. You snooze, you lose.

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  • Mike Jones??


  • ohWORD

    This nigga Wiz is SO damn wack. This nigga be trying to rap, and you lil niggas be letting him

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  • Trapgod

    I’d rather have him try and rap than try and sing

  • Between this and that Tyga clip 5 posts down, I gotta ask, what in the Fuck do people see in this shit? What has this art come to?
    15 years ago these dudes would be like the unsigned, local bums that nobody be bumpin, but in today’s game, this is what passes for elite spitters.
    These dudes must be Zombies, cause hip hop is fucking dead.

  • Real nigga

    These niggazpost anything on rr.. Go peep that n8o 724 mix tape on datpiff… Keeping hip hop alive…you will soon understand

  • Beaming

    Wiz is so wack. He is hip hops Justin bieber, please believe it.

  • HK


  • Jay Jones

    Funny how Juicy the veteran is more relevant than Wiz…tables turn…Juicy will be the best seller in the taylor gang…mark me on that.

  • Me
  • Santa

    Man I was expecting this to be trash from the comments. But this went SUPER hard. Wiz MURDERED the 2nd verse

  • TGOD

    “got my weight up, now my hate up, but I’m cool with that”

  • attack-on-sight

    @Jay Jones are you serious right now? Juicy more relevant than Wiz your buggin, Jucy is signed to Taylor Gang, not the other way around. and this is coming from a long time Three-6 Mafia fan.

  • Jay Jones

    @atack on sight This year Juicy had more hitters than Wiz, “bandz” is more memorable than any Wiz’s singles this year…my opinion…one in a billion 😉

  • floridaboy

    its straight

  • Chronic

    Do you haters realize that for like 3 years now Wiz has been making songs about almost nothing but smoking weed. That’s why people like him, he’s like the new cypress hill (lyric content-wise), so if you don’t like it don’t listen cause he’s gonna continue making songs about nothing but bud.

  • Rajon chrondo

    Niggas always hate, but always come to listen

  • Corporate Man!!!

    Yo keeping it real Juicy J killed this song. “Before you was born [email protected]@@@ I had a record deal!”
    Nuff Said!!