Big Boi Vicious Lies And Dangerous Rumors Tracklist

Big Boi’s work of art will be represented by this work of art. Album drops December 11th.

UPDATE: Tracklist below via IDJ. Pre-order it here.

1. Ascending

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    With every album Big boi is destroying whatever’s left of the OutKast legacy

  • Steve

    Uhhhhhh, Your mother’s “friend”:

    Are you stupid???

  • Tone

    It’s like 9-10 rappers dropping albums from Dec 11th to Dec 8th lol

  • Tone


  • Slim Baller

    Dope. And to the nigga at the top::: Big Boi only released ONE album so far this is his second so stfu

  • Uh-oh

    Dude clearly never heard Big Boi’s 2010 debut. Shit was great and he’s outspitting modern day 3 Stacks.

    • B.Dot

      co-sign 1000%. That album was amazing.

  • Black Shady

    damn nigga said Big Boi’s outspitting modern day 3stacks


  • the brain trust

    Complety diagree with the notion that Big Boi’s been out spitting 3k.

    But he is making great music.

    Mama Told Me>>>>

  • mrholloway

    A-Town still reigns supreme!

  • Darkwing

    Classic Cover For what it seems to be another Classic Album !!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    His last solo album was nice. Def Jam didnt push the album. Instead Def Jam wasted $$ and time on William’s “Teflon Don” album.

  • Zagga

    ^ this clown always has to sneak diss Ross in every post he makes on this site. Sad really. Teflon Don > Sir Louscious Left Foot, but that album was great & this one should be too. Artwork is dope as well


    Your mother’s “friend” I’m an OutKast fan for Life…Big Boi is Amazing. You have to be pretty cleaver to catch all the metaphors in his raps. OutKast is legendary and Big Boi is Extraordinary! LAME!

  • MJ

    To the “genius” up top: Big Boi continues to make great music that’s fresh and new in an age where everything else is souless and similar to the last 500 songs on radio. If that’s not an OutKast for you, I don’t know what is.

  • MJ

    Except for his last song “She Said Ok”. I can’t co-sign that.

  • Word

    Eh, kinda tired of seeing album covers with just the rappers matter how many different ways you shade it or color it, still generic. This is one of the better face album covers tho.

  • Scott

    Dope ass album cover dope track list, can’t wait!!!

  • Chronic

    God damn, why do rappers have features on literally almost every song they put out nowadays?

  • Anonymous

    Fat Sax > 3 Stacks

    Sorry but it’s true, Chico Dusty is so dope. Put down the over priced razor and pick up the mic Andre.

  • Anonymous

    Fat Sax > 3 Stacks

    Sorry but it’s true, Chico Dusty is so dope. Put down the over priced razor and pick up the mic Andre.

  • Anonymous

    Fat Sax > 3 Stacks

    Sorry but it’s true, Chico Dusty is so dope. Put down the over priced razor and pick up the mic Andre.

  • floridaboy
    Should be great!

  • mike

    I miss outkast

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    REALLY looking forward to track 5!!!

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  • JHP

    I like how everyone gives Game grief for having an ass of features on his album, but Big Boy gets a pass

  • Windycityg72

    cause big boi is legendary JHP u dumb ass act like u know something about hip hop

  • Kool D Rap

    i see having over 15 features on an album is what is popular now.

  • stoopidstarfan

    No Stoopid Starz??!?!!! Why?!

  • MJ

    I. Can’t. Wait!

  • Beezy

    Where the fuck is 3 Stacks??? All these damn features and no 3 Stacks??? Stacks shows up on a Drake and a Frank Ocean album but not on Big’s??? When was the last time these dudes were spotted together in the same room? They keep saying they’re good, but they make it real easy to speculate about their relationship.

  • Gametime


  • @Artise1

    Andre 3000 can bless Ross, T.I. And whoever the f*ck else, but no love for Big Boi…. Wow!!!!!

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “15. Higher Res feat. Jai Paul & Little Dragon”

    Mind = Blown

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Big Boi never gets his props. He might be out spittin 3 Stacks but he damn sure right up there with him lately. Of course 3 Stacks is gonna blow Officer Ricky, Drake, and Jeezy out the water on there tracks.

  • abubu

    too many features…… cmon big boi, ur better than that

  • dodo

    dude fell off. album is going to be weak. he knows it.

    retire bruh.

  • That Guy


    Big Boi’s music isn’t selling numbers but the quality is on the very top. Last album was a complete work, start to finish solid. This will be the same. Keep going.

  • CJF

    people, along with myself, been hating on Gae for having 456 features on a album, now big boi doin same … what happened to SOLO albums?!