• Kemosabi

    L’s all around

  • Ron

    That shit was funny my new fav show.. JP

  • Tom

    Good new show everyone was tlkin about it on twitter

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Game groupies & stans are watching with intense focus. A Gang banger with a wedding reality show hahaha.

  • King

    ^ LMAO coming from a 50 groupie

  • Q

    Lmao @zoom u the game stan u always on his shit get a life yo lol good show

  • LEGO

    I jus care about that good music


    I f*cks with Game but he played himself doing this show. Sad thing is, he wasn’t even aware of it. His aged wife went behind his back and went to VH1 and pitched the show to them. You can tell she tryna be famous.

  • 90S BABY

    Fuk i missed it

  • CJF

    haha, this is actually good! game wife to be is ugly man, no wonder hes always cheating ..

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Q. When FIF made Game i was a fan. After Game got kicked out of G-UNIT i wasnt a fan of his anymore.

  • YNRR

    all i was wondering was if game was hitting that wedding planner…. that bitch was hot!

  • Devante

    Game ugly as shit…

  • Q

    @ZOOM….so fif made Game? Jt bigga figa found game. then dre was like u and fif should hook up (no homo) Game was a solo artist since day one. Ps that aint coo to jus stop being a fan cause he fell out with the group..nwa fans still Rocd wit cube

  • HollyWood

    This shit looks so fucking fake. Nobody wakes up in the bed looking like that and saying the dumb shit they say. “Can I get a hug before I go down” wtf..lmaoooo

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  • *Je5us Piece* dec 11!!