• west

    wtf is this?

  • Chronic

    Listened to one song…it was a nice attempt by him and the music is cool. But Mac shouldn’t be trying to become a jazz singer, dudes barely even made it as a rapper yet

  • sleepykeemo

    Fair attempt, not hating either. Cool phase

  • Keyf

    hahaha kinda cool accually

  • BlackDivine

    lovestein?loveberg, jew name

  • l

    well he is a jew

  • ….

    does his new alter ego steal beats and never give producers the credit they deserve? NO? thats just Mac?

  • Chronic

    Go on worldstar and look at how many people have remixed songs…you think those dudes are paying money or lettin people know who produced it?

  • stashcityswa

    Too much lean.

  • @chronic u bring up a good point, i think everyone just doesn’t like mac miller making money off of their shit and i think labels are trying to pressure him into signing with a major by all these sporadic lawsuits coming out of no where…

  • and that video (song which had the lord finesse sample) frozen pizza and kool aid was the first video i seen from this guy and it did pretty much get him noticed…if it was joey badass no one would sue him though..they dont want a WHITE rapper making bread off their shit especially..

  • if these cases are won, mac miller is done, and so are mixtapes…

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