• chaze

    50 bent, you already knew it was kommin..

  • chaze

    that soul joint sound like a knock off drake record…

  • Devante

    Bout to delete that Boring French Mixtape to make room for this…

  • JustMyOpinion

    Why…….I get the feeling this is going to be a love ballad album?

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^took a QUICK listen…..I was right.

  • zee

    dope…better than that frenchie

  • Chronic

    It’s actually not love ballads, but it’s almost all emotional music. It’s pretty dope, definitely worth a listen, has a couple really sick songs.

  • Chronic

    This is music for real people…not people dreaming of making a ton of money off coke.

  • Chronic

    Alright. Second half of it actually is pretty much all love ballads.

  • Mic Check

    As a huge Joe Budden fan, I’m very disappointed. This mixtape is terrible. Sounds like a way water’d down version of the Mood Muzik series.

  • Well…. buddens is in love.

  • SMH


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  • Chronic

    Ab-soul is that dude for real though, his verse was sick

  • Cali760

    Soul! That dude is the truth!

  • Black Shady

    all this nigga do is instagram/twitter his bitch. what did yall expect from this tape? hahaha

  • Derrt

    Mixtape is dope

  • Anon DCPL

    Black Shady says:
    Tuesday, November 20 2012 at 10:24 PM EST
    all this nigga do is instagram/twitter his bitch. what did yall expect from this tape? hahaha


    haha, that’s what I figured with this Joe Budden nigga. Seems like he’s been hanging out too much with Drake, with all this weak ass emotional tissue music.

  • wow

    this is flames, some of his best verses on this tape.

  • poetic assasin

    Budden has evolved – I always wonder how can he get better – well here it is.

  • @p0is0nedkoola

    Some good tracks, but overall , nah. Joe’s attitude as if he knows everything about life on Twitter has been leaking onto his music for the last few years.

    Joe used to be humble
    but now he’s really feeling himself and everyone that disagrees with him is a “hater” or “not grown”

    This dude has girlfriend of less than 6 months on a track.

    Ab-Soul had the best verse on the whole tape
    SLV is played out
    E-Manny does the same t hing every song he’s on


  • Chronic

    Was it ab-soul on the chorus of that song too? Cause that was a Cudi hook on steroids

  • king

    definitely buddens best work to date musically and lyrically . just one thing that joe does that annoys me is that he always talks over the music in the intros and outros . he needs to let the music breathe a lil. and if yall know about joe’s taste in music you know he listens to a lot of r&b shit and he always talks about relationships. deep down i think dude really would rather be an r&b singer. lol.

  • mike

    It’s Free muthafuckas…….Need a joell tape now



    Lol yea I thought the same thing! It is ab-soul obviously but man did it sound like Cudi.

  • SayItLikeItIs

    This is what i call real hip hop

  • Royalty of this shyt!


  • i was good for a few songs then theres one good song mixed in with all the mediocre loves songs with emanny.. i dont think this cat understands no one wants to hear thats mufucka sing he’s terrible and bitches prefer trey songs…

  • Angelo

    Talented lyricist…but I’ve never been able to get into his music. As time has moved on, I’ve been less & less inclined to listen to Budden. He’s an insecure, attention whore and a Grown Man at that. Why would I want to listen to an MC who I wouldn’t even want to be cool with in real life. He keeps putting his relationships with these girls in the limelight, but yet he keeps getting dumped and going through public drama afterwards. CORNBALL!

  • jake$ nigga

    hey im real talk and i suck rick ross dick for living.i hate fuckin east coast rappers they suck.it all about mmg,ycmb we the best,and once again my name is real talk and i suck rick ross dick for living.

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    i got to check it out

  • dmc


  • Bow

    Joe Budden been rappin on some emotional shit since before Drake came out. I mean dude how 4 mixtapes called Mood Muzik so I guess you think Drakes been hangin around Budden too long

  • CJF

    joes dope and this is dope

    but seriously when kaylin finishes with him, is when hes gunna be even better LOL

  • CJF

    also, Royce’s verse is actually good!

  • lol ols4 coming soon, tape isnt bad tho …

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  • Rozay

    This shit is fire and I’m not the biggest Budden fan but this is some real good music and better than Slaughterhouse album.

  • Anti-Lollipop Kid

    Its cool that dude is in love and all but got damn..i don’t want to hear that shit all the time man. Joe always spit though can’t deny that.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prothsetic

    best music will come once joey breaks up from whatever relationship hes in

  • WELL.
    That guy doing the interlude stole the whole show. Am I right?

  • Teflonscribe

    Some of these nitpicky ass critiques are weak as fuck. I used to wonder what the disconnect was between real hip hop and the masses was, and I figured it out. Niggaz wanna hear cats spit lyin ass generic whack bars about a street life that they don’t live so that they can download it,bump it at home and pretend it’s a life they relate to. Now you have rappers like Joe that deliver hard bars, but mostly spit about their real life, their relationships, progress, regrets, or fears, basically the unaltered truth and state of their life a the moment, with feelings every honest frown man feels, and niggaz hear it and skip over the lyrics and miss the whole point and story of the track. Which one of you weak niggaz have never been boo’d up, or upset over a bird? This nigga keeps it all the way a hunnid, always has, and arranges it lyrically over a smooth beat every time. Him spittin his relationship shit don’t make him corny, it makes you whack for frontin like you can’t relate. ‘Fuck Outta Here!