• Yo

    The EP is pretty dope, definitely want to hear more of Yela.

  • Chronic

    I hate to say this, but I wish someone other than Shady Records signed him. Eminem sucks at promotion and hasn’t really done shit for yelawolf other than that weak ass verse on his album.

  • Evil

    Its not EMs job to promote Yelawolf,thats Interscope.They didnt support Yela enough during his album release and only made 1 video.

    This song is dope

  • This is FRESH!

  • midwestg

    as someone who used to go to Rancid shows back in the early 2000’s, tim armstrong lookin fat as fuc. yela’s tight

  • Obama

    Yelawolf flopped because he isn’t that dude and his music doesn’t resonate with people on that mass-market level they was going for. Stop blaming it on “promotion”. A nigga can blow up off a song he recorded in his mommas basement these days. He’s trash and his shit was over before it started.