• fastflipper

    wtf is talking bout

  • JustMyOpinion

    ^ word
    I didn’t realized people still read the SOURCE.

  • Yup !

    a tall lil wayne…. smh!!!!!!!

    ha !

  • Marko V

    Basically he sayin that people feel connected to his music because they can experience all the excitement of inner city life without all the negative repercussions. Yo I support 2Chainz cuz I said he was the wackiest rapper ever wen I saw him rappin in a velour suit in front of a BMW. Then the wrk he put in made me accept and respect his hustle. I’m a fan for life now.

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  • Too many chainz.

    [VIDEO] Pusha T The difference between Kanye and Pharell, Kanye working process, admits dissing Lil Wayne on Alley Boy’s song “Favorite Rapper”


    HE 40

  • Anon DCPL

    Yo, what the fuck. Did you muthafuckas really read that shit he said?

    For this nigga Tauheed Epps aka Titty Boy aka 2chains, who was born in muthafucking 1976 , to make such a stupid ass statement about the “struggle” as a Zoo,has to be some of the most idiotic shit ever.

    And some dudes think this guy is dope to be familiarized with.

    I hope I get reincarnated to a time where Marley, 2pac and B.I.G. are the voice of the niggas in the struggle.

    @Marko V- ain’t no excitement in the hood without negative effects. If you in that bitch, you wanna get the fuck out. Just like a lion in that muthafuckin zoo would.

  • dave

    real hiphop

  • brza

    Surprised Kendrick didn’t make the cover.

  • touchNwho

    Kendrick did bigger first week numbers, but he still didn’t make a big impact like 2Chainz did this year, sorry.

  • Ddude

    2Chainz is S**T. Rap is very cyclical and it’s currently it’s his phase cycle. I doubt he’ll be front page of anything in two albums time cos his tunes could have been made by anyone, and the bling bling imagery isn’t exactly unique..

    His rhymes are lame as, and it seems to me he’s famous because of all the songs he’s featured in. His own songs are big because of the features on them.

  • Marko V

    @Anon DCPL I totally agree wit you however when those who aren’t from the hood or urban areas attach themselves to the music from said area then the artist immediately becomes the identity and spokesperson. So yea those of us living in the hood wanna leave while those livin elsewur look on and listen wit excitement.

  • *Je5us Piece* dec 11!!


  • lilrizq

    I can’t hate on his grindmode, but I do agree with DDude on this 1. If you have to make a song called “I’m different”… 9 times outta 10, your the same as everyone else. Now look at this video I edited of my AirbrushArmy Click airbrushing T-shirts for Hyundai.

  • Worldfamous_kev

    As a Real Hip Hop fan I honestly can not believe that I enjoy 2 Chainz’s music. No his music isn’t the most in depth or lyrical artist I have ever heard, but there is something there, something unexplainable. He has talent and I am glad to see him shining. We as fans need to stop thinking with such a negative mindset 1st, give congrats where it is due. He has worked hard, RESPECT that. Different strokes for different folks. As one of those people who didn’t grow up in the hood, I appreciate the pictures he paints, just as much as I appreciate the pictures Nas, Kendrick Lamar, or any other rapper paints. It’s music. Get some real problems people.

  • *Je5us Piece* dec 11!!

    he has a nice verse on jp

  • LA KID

    Kendrick sux ass over hyped wack voice

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  • Sourheadband

    2chainz like fuck PETA with this cover. It’s funny PETA never goes after 6 foot 6 rappers.

  • Kush

    fuck this lil nigga

  • Oh God Why

    Looks Like Dave Chapelle in a wig