• How can one still think he’s tough… IN CHURCH????????
    You don’t put on your fist clenching gangster face to the priest!?!?!

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    i agree

  • jake$ the motherfuckin answer

    the industry is so crazy niggaz making 40sec thrillers for their mixtape and albums but when you listen to the cd, it the same old bullshit money hoes clothes.{can i get a i agree!!!}

  • IamRealTalk – *MKW* -This Year the Two BIGGEST Self Proclaimed BLOODS in Rap History Jim Jones & Game Joined Reality TV (*NP: Skyzoo – Rage of Romello *)


  • Nicki Miraj

    CANT WAIT for this. GAME you need to sign this kid to your label http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-6orgiWjhk

  • this is 50

    ^^^^ that kid is garbage


    jesus piece born sinner lol hip hop goin all religious now or what

  • wdd

    ^^^^^ yeaa add to that no church in the wild and the God forgives I dont album (only the tile was religious though)

  • Truth.

    ^^ kanye been on that religious reference shit. as always, niggas are following.

  • matrix

    This nigg gettin alot of attention right now he betta do some numbas shiiiit…..

  • Mighty One


  • Mighty One

    album of the year hoes

  • Mighty One

    he gon shut up the haters like he always do

  • ECU

    Game one of the most underrated rappers of all time, JESUS PIECE= BALLIN’ ON YOU HATERS!! ALBUM OF THE BITCH NIGGAS

  • Original Ty

    I listened to the Hallelujah and Black Jesus tracks from this project and everybody’s so blasphemous now that I’m not real surprised, but I must say I was a little bit thrown by just how blatant he got with the blasphemy. I know my not listening won’t make or break him but he could have the world’s greatest album right here (hypothetical) and I couldn’t feel good about jammin’ it. Why niggas gotta mix God up in stuff lately? We used to clown the Heavy Metal groups (white boys) for being devil worshipers and for mocking God, now we doin’ the same stuff…. even if you ain’t actually “SELLIN YOUR SOUL” ain’t you still sellin’ it if you mock Jesus to make money? In a manner of speaking? Oh well just disappointed……

  • stashcityswa

    Religion & Hip-Hop are like church & state, they should be keep separate! If I wanna hear a preacher preach I’ll go to church, which I don’t!

  • HK

    @original ty Agreed. Don’t play with God.

    Re the ‘he ain’t tough if he in church comments, coming to terms with your own mortality and spirituality – whatever your beliefs may be – doesn’t make you ‘less tough’. if anything it makes MORE of a man.

  • Cane

    Blkwall Money Gang bang bang

  • lilrizq

    That Premier track is pure ill-onomics. Hate that his only giving us 13 tracks though, but the album still should be ill. Now look at this video I edited of my AirbrushArmy Click airbrushing T-shirts for Hyundai.

  • jerome

    who cares if it’s blasphemous? god ain’t real anyway. smh @ dumb niggas

  • 215

    GAME is irrelevant… Why is news of his album that wont sell over 100,000 copies wasting space on this site?

  • Je5us Piece dec 11!!

    @215 yur life is irrelevant…GAMES MORE RELEVANT THEN YUR FAV RAPPER BUSTER

  • nooutsidesourcewillSAVE

    its pretty fucking obvious. That Game is a Fame whore. He knows that if he doesnt stay relevent he is back on that stripper poll. How can one take Christianity or any other religion seriously? Christianity stemmed from the catholics (OBVIOUSLY).. Do some open minded research about the true history of this earth. Adam and Eve? a snake tempting a Women who came from a rib? this sounds like a fairytale like everyone fiction book. One may ask : why poison the food? why spray chemtrails? why does everybody sit around and watch this fucking TELEVISION PROGRAMMER?? This fucking book tells us to worship this outside man and depend on him for guidance instead of LOOKING WITHIN to do it YOURSELF. EVERYTHING is backwords. Wake the fuck up. Your dreaming. Life doesnt have to be THIS fucking rediculous. Get back to nature. Meditate. and riiiiiiise up……..before its to late and your stuck in some concentration cap (FEMA) getting injected with poisones VACCINE. The Gov will make it seem like we have some threat from ALIENS when those aliens that are enslaving us is THEM. Dont believe what the Tv says its all bullshit. Go within and everything youll ever need and want to know is there…peace

  • Original Ty

    As much as I respect the way you presented your thoughts I disagree with certain aspects of what you said. Instead of going into an itemized list I will just say this. Obviously the media and TELEVISION PROGRAMMER you mentioned agree with your lack of respect for Christianity. Game obviously doesn’t respect God. Hip hop in general and the entire entertainment field agree with you that Christianity is not to be respected. Doesn’t it make you uncomfortable that the people you seem to be opposed to, agree with you on such an important issue? Although your reasons differ the overall thought is the same. The lack of acknowledgement of God and men looking to themselves to provide their own salvation BREEDS what you claim to oppose. Man will ALWAYS think of himself before his brother without some outside “Source” to influence him to do otherwise. Even men with the best intentions have been corrupted by power and influence we are ALL flawed and have a weakness. That’s coincidence? That’s not designed to require the best and worst of us to look ELSEWHERE for true salvation? You’re caught up in the transportation (the Bible, Christianity etc) when WHO is riding in it is what’s important.